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SmartMart Catalog Suppliers

SmartMart, a system within iProcurement which is a part of Oracle Financials, offers two features:

  • Catalog Suppliers is used for purchasing goods from suppliers that have special pricing provided to Stanford. 
  • Contracts is used for most purchases of goods and services that require Stanford signature, regardless of dollar amount, including zero dollar agreements.

When to Use SmartMart Catalog Suppliers

SmartMart Catalog Suppliers is Stanford's online catalog ordering system, available in iProcurement, which includes specially-priced products offered by pre-negotiated suppliers.  

Amazon Business and SmartMart Catalog Suppliers are the recommended and preferred purchasing methods at Stanford. While both options offer a range of products, SmartMart Catalog Suppliers provides a wider selection of Lab and Medical products. 

Use SmartMart Catalog Suppliers to search for an item across many catalogs or to select a specific supplier's site to shop or customize an item. SmartMart currently includes many suppliers selling lab supplies, chemicals, computer software and hardware, compressed gases, capital equipment, tax-free alcohol, industrial supplies, electrical components, radioactives and more. 

Gaining Access to iProcurement

All university employees with active SUNet IDs are automatically granted access to iProcurement. There is only one level of access in iProcurement, which includes access to the SmartMart Catalog Suppliers and Contracts. 

Non-employee students require sponsorship by a Stanford employee. To request access, please submit a Support Request.

Browser Requirements

For important information on which browsers are authorized for the iProcurement system (including SmartMart), review the Administrative System Browser Requirements

New iProcurement learning solutions are in development with a planned release of summer 2022.

Until then, new employees can access existing training materials from the following course overview pages: 

Category How-to Instructions

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Assign SmartMart Requisitions During iProcurement Checkout

Share Shopping Carts in SmartMart

Change/Cancel/Close Purchase Orders
Receiving and Returns

For information about OBI, refer to OBI Financial Reporting.

Last Updated: Oct 21, 2022


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