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Travel Booking - Key Travel

Key Travel is one of several booking options within the Stanford Travel Program. Key Travel specializes in academic travel and offers a designated team of travel agents to assist with complex trips and to provide Fly America Act guidance for travelers booking federally funded flights. Other booking channels included in the Stanford Travel Program may be more appropriate for the travel need.

Key Travel is the world’s largest travel management company specializing in the humanitarian and academic sectors. In addition to Stanford-negotiated rates, Key Travel offers flexible academic international airfares that are exclusive to university travelers. A unique feature is the ability to book multiple travelers (e.g., family members) on the same reservation online or with a travel agent.  

When to Use Key Travel
Per the Administrative Guide Policy 5.4.2: Business and Travel Expenses, to be reimbursed for university-sponsored travel, faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars and students must use a Stanford Travel booking channel when booking airfare (with limited exemptions). Travelers may also use this program when booking hotels and car rentals for university-sponsored travel. Complete policy details are available in the Business and Travel Expense Policies overview.

Key Travel can be used to book airfare, lodging and ground transportation

Key Travel Features and Benefits

  • Book online or with an experienced travel agent.
  • Book multiple travelers on the same reservation online or with an agent. 
  • Provides Fly America Act guidance online or with an agent.
  • Provides exclusive flexible academic rates for international airfare.
  • Search for the “greenest” flight options using sustainable travel solutions.
  • Pay with a Stanford Travel Card (preferred) or personal credit card.
  • Arrange travel on behalf of other faculty, staff or visitors.
  • Earn applicable supplier loyalty points and eligible benefits.
  • Reservations are sent to International SOS for traveler assistance in the event of an international incident.

Transaction Preparers: When completing a travel expense report, be sure to select "Stanford Travel – FCM/Key" as the booking method.

All active Stanford faculty, staff, students, and postdoctoral scholars have Key Travel profiles. To access your profile, log into Key Travel Online. Click on the purple “my KT” icon and select “Profile Manager.” 



For groups of 10 or more who are traveling together, complete a Group or Program Travel Request Form.

Maintaining Your Travel Profile

  1. Review your profile to ensure your name is an exact match to your government ID. Learn how to change your travel profile name.
  2. Add your cell phone number. (If based in the US, international code is +1) 
  3. Add your frequent flyer and loyalty numbers.
  4. Add your known traveler number (TSA PreCheck or Global Entry) if you have one.

Individuals Booking Online
The Key Travel Online booking tool is only recommended for booking multiple travelers (up to 4 individuals) on the same reservation or booking federally-funded travel.  

Guest names and pertinent information can be added in the booking path. Even though there is an option to “Create a Traveler Profile,” for privacy purposes, do not save any guest or companion information as a profile.

Key Travel’s online booking tool will flag flights that do not qualify for the Fly America Act or the Open Skies Agreement. 

Service fees may apply when booking travel online.

Booking Travel with an Agent
For agent assistance with individual, or multi-person travel, contact Key Travel:

Service fees may apply when booking travel with an agent.

This course is required for Stanford Travel Card (TCard) holders and is recommended for all business travelers. 

Managing Expenses Related to Travel Cancellations including:

  • Flight cancellations and exchanges
  • Unused nonrefundable airline tickets
  • Conference cancellations and reimbursement
  • Cancellation fees
  • Expense accruals
Last Updated: Apr 19, 2023


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