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Delegate or Share Oracle Approval Worklist

Following established rules, Oracle Financials transaction approvers can utilize features within Oracle to create vacation delegation rules or share their approval worklist. Designated approvers are expected to follow roles and responsibilities of transaction approvers. Refer to Financial Transaction Approval for more information.

It is the responsibility of the approver to select the right person with whom to delegate or share their Oracle Approval Worklist. It is not the responsibility of the person who granted the approver their approval authority in Authority Manager to make sure that delegations are managed properly. 

It is the approver’s responsibility to pick appropriate people, communicate expectations to them and ensure that they will be able and available to take appropriate actions in a timely manner. 

If the person you delegate to delegates their personal approval worklist to someone else, your transactions will be included in their delegation.

Follow these rules when delegating or sharing your approval worklist:

  • Select Authorized Approvers: The individual you select must have some financial approval authority within Oracle Financials. This ensures they are known to the system as having completed required training. If you want to delegate to someone who is not currently an Oracle financial approver, they must first be granted some financial approval authority through Authority Manager and complete the required training. Refer to Financial Transaction Approval and Grant or Update Financial Authority Assignments for more information.
  • Consider Special Approval Authority: If you have been granted a special approval authority (e.g., DPA Screening or Tax Exempt Alcohol), you may only delegate approval authority (or share your Worklist) to someone who also has this special variety of approval authority. If you have both of these authorities, the person to whom you delegate must also have both authorities. If selecting another DPA Screening and/or Tax Exempt Alcohol approver to handle all your approval workflows would not be appropriate during the time you are away, you must contact the business office that granted this authority to you and ask them to temporarily remove it. After temporarily removing your special approval authority, you may then delegate (or share your Worklist) with any authorized approver. Once your delegations have expired, you can contact the appropriate business office to request that your special approval authority be reinstated.

Oracle Vacation Rules are used to select someone to act on the approver’s behalf when the approver is planning to be away from work (e.g., on vacation, at a conference, or on family leave) for a specified period of time, and they will not easily be able to act on approval workflow notifications.

Transaction approval workflow notifications may be delegated to one person or to different people by Oracle Financials system (i.e., iJournals, Labor Distribution, Expense Requests, PCard, and Requisitions which include iProcurement non-catalog, SmartMart, and Amazon Business). FYIs, end routes, and Core Journal approval authority cannot be delegated. During the timeframe established in the Vacation Rule, the delegatee(s) will receive an email workflow notification when a transaction requires review and approval.

Instructions for approvers delegating their approval workflow notifications are:

Instructions for delegatees acting on behalf of other approvers are:

Oracle Worklist Sharing provides the ability to give someone access to transactions in your Worklist. For example, to allow colleagues with similar authority to act for each other at any time or for emergency backup. Colleagues granted access to share a Worklist will not receive email workflow notifications so expectations, such as expected coverage and frequency for checking transactions, should be clearly communicated.

Instructions for approvers sharing their approval worklist are:

Instructions for colleagues accessing a shared approval worklist are:

An audit trail is maintained by Oracle to record the person who actually approves each transaction.

Worklist Sharing Audit History

For all transactions approved through Worklist sharing, the original approver's name will show as the approver. The Action History will show the SUNet ID of the actual approver in the comments field, after any comments they entered themselves.

Vacation Delegation Audit History

For iBudgets, iJournals, Expense Requests (Expense Reports, Advance Requests, Digital Payments, Non-PO Payments and Petty Cash replenishments), Labor Distribution Adjustment or PCard workflows approved by a Vacation Delegatee, the original approver's name will show as the approver. The Action History will show the SUNet ID of the actual delegatee approver in the comments field, after any comments entered by the original approver.

For Requisitions (iProcurement non-catalog, SmartMart and Amazon Business) approved by a Vacation Delegatee, the Approval History will include Delegated in the row with the original approver's name, and the Notes will include any message entered by the original approver when they established the Vacation Rule. The name in the next row is the Vacation Delegatee, and their actions will appear in the Status column.

Vacation Query Tool

The Vacation Query tool provides a history of vacation delegation and worklist sharing assignments. The tool also displays active delegations and worklist assignments, which can be used by transaction preparers to identify who is available to act on a transaction. The Vacation Query can also provide a list of transactions that were handled by others on the person's behalf.

  • For more information, refer to Vacation Query
  • To access the Vacation Query, Launch Oracle and open the SU Inquiry Tools and Forms folder.
Last Updated: Jun 19, 2023