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Amazon Business in iProcurement

SU Internet Procurement, also referred to as iProcurement, is used to facilitate the purchasing of goods and services through a suite of connected systems including: Stanford’s Amazon Business account, SmartMart Catalog Suppliers, Non-Catalog Requests and SmartMart Contracts.

Amazon Business in iProcurement is the recommended and preferred purchasing method at Stanford. Amazon Business offers free 2-day shipping on Prime-eligible items and access to Stanford's central procurement process and payment method.

The central Stanford University Amazon Business Account must be used for business purchases only, in accordance with our purchasing policies.


All purchases will be invoiced electronically to a Stanford account (i.e., PTA and Expenditure Type) entered during checkout in iProcurement.

Types of Pricing

  • Negotiated Prices: A Negotiated Price is special pricing for Stanford University available only through the Stanford University Amazon Business Central Account.
  • Promotional Codes: Promotional codes will be applied at the last page of Amazon Business checkout and you can see the discounted price. When you submit the cart back to iProcurement, it will show the full amount (without promotional discount). Along as the PO is submitted to Amazon within 7 days, Amazon will invoice you the discounted price.

In addition, the email order confirmation will clearly show this discount. The same thing applies to lightning deals.

Types of Sellers

  • Business Sellers are sellers that carry items that are in stock at least 99 percent of the time and maintain a product quality rate higher than 99.9 percent. When searching for items, it's easy to refine your search on the left side of your screen by selecting Business Seller under Seller Type. It is not possible to access Amazon Business directly from
  • Third Party Sellers are independent sellers on Amazon Business and offer a variety of merchandise.

Guaranteed Quantity

Items selected from Amazon Checkout and brought to iProcurement for approval will be held by Amazon for 7 days. That means the requisition will have to be approved and the PO submitted to Amazon within 7 days from when the Punchout shopping cart was created on Amazon to guarantee in stock.

Visit the Newsroom for recent announcements and subscribe to receive future Amazon Business updates and enhancements. 

Gaining Access to iProcurement

New users of the iProcurement suite will need to:

Students and Post-Grads require an additional set-up. A Stanford staff member can request student access to Oracle Financials by submitting a support request.

First-time Punch-out Amazon Business Account

The first time you "punch out" to Amazon Business, you will be prompted to create an Amazon Business account. Use your email address and enter a password.

Please note your password should be different than your SUNet password, and you will need to remember it for future use within Amazon Business. 
For more information refer to First-time Punch-out Account Registration Scenarios.

If your email address is already associated with an account, you will have the option to split off and transfer any purchase history to a separate account. You will be prompted to enter a new, personal email address.

Prior Association De-Registration Prior Association

If your email address is associated with an Amazon Business account you will need to de-register the email address for that account before punching out to our central account. All previous, stand-alone, Amazon Business accounts will be consolidated under the new, centralized account. Complete the de-registration process on Amazon Business website before punching-out to Amazon Business for the first time.

If you were the account Administrator, you will need to remove all other users first (Manage your Business > People > Remove).

The following online course is available to help members of the Stanford community select the most appropriate purchasing methods for their transactions, recognizing why one method is better than another and what risks and benefits are associated with using one method as opposed to another. Successful completion of the course is recommended for all individuals involved in the purchasing process and required for those who need access to iProcurement.

For step-by-step instructions, refer to the How To section of this page. 

For information about Amazon Business procurement activity, search for transactions with Supplier=AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES INC using the following reporting tools:

For information about OBI, refer to OBI Financial Reporting.

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2024


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