SmartMart, a system within iProcurement which is a part of Oracle Financials, offers two primary features:

  • Contracts is used for most purchases of goods and services that require Stanford signature, regardless of dollar amount, including zero dollar agreements.
  • Catalog Suppliers  is used for purchasing  goods from suppliers that have special pricing provided to Stanford. 

When a procurement transaction requires a signed agreement between the supplier and Stanford, a contract request is initiated in SmartMart Contracts. Suppliers must be active in the Stanford supplier database. Review Topic Overview: New Supplier and Payee Records. SmartMart Contracts interfaces with iProcurement, which allows users to complete PTA allocations and review and select appropriate financial approvers. Once the contract is signed and the purchase order is fully approved, work can begin and invoices may be processed.

When to Use SmartMart Contracts
Prior to submitting a contract request to Procurement Services through SmartMart Contracts, review the Topic Overview: Contracts to learn about goods and services that require a contract and the contract request process.

Gaining Access to SmartMart in iProcurement

All university employees with active SUNet IDs are automatically granted access to iProcurement. There is only one level of access in iProcurement, which includes access to SmartMart Catalog Suppliers and SmartMart Contracts.

Non-employee students require sponsorship by a Stanford employee. To request access, please submit a Support Request.

Browser Requirements
For important information on which browsers are authorized for iProcurement (including SmartMart), review the Administrative System Browser Requirements

New users are strongly encouraged to explore these materials to support using SmartMart Contracts:

Category How-to Instructions
SmartMart Contracts The following how to instructions are available: 
Non-Catalog Purchase Requisitions

The SmartMart Contracts system will initiate an iProcurement non-catalog requisition and notify the preparer when it is time to add allocations and approvers to contract requisitions.

 For other iProcurement related instructions, see Learn About iProcurement Non-Catalog Requests.

For information about OBI, refer to OBI Financial Reporting.

Last Updated: Apr 7, 2022


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