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Receive Funds

The following table provides a list of all fund handling at Stanford and links to the topics for information.

Source of Funds Links
Cash and checks Deposit Cash & Checks
Wire transfers and automated clearing house (ACH) payments Incoming Wire Transfers & ACH Payments 
Unclaimed receipts of checks, wire transfers and ACH payments Claim Unidentified Receipts
Credit and debit card payments for products or services

Accepting Credit & Debit Card Payments

Gifts from donors Record Gifts
Details, examples, and exceptions on each of the various types of receipts Types of University Receipts
Miscellaneous receipts:
  • Salary, sick leave and disability reimbursements
  • Graduate stipend (student aid) overpayments
  • Externally awarded financial aid
  • Travel and other advance adjustments
  • Patent or software licensing fees
  • Surplus property sales
Miscellaneous Receipt Types
Allocation journals used by service centers and auxiliaries to bill departments for services Create an Allocation Journal in iJournal
Payments for sponsored research Sponsored Receivables Management
Stanford bank accounts Stanford Bank Accounts & Services


Last Updated: Nov 18, 2022