Stanford payroll administrators sometimes need to request payments for employees in addition to their regular paycheck, such as in the case of a bonus, payroll advance or missing pay. These additional payments may be one-time or recurring. 

Stanford payroll administrators can request an additional required or discretionary payment to be added to an employee’s next regular paycheck by entering a Supplemental Pay Webform (recommended) or submitting a One-Time Payment Form. 

Some common reasons to request a one-time or supplemental payment include:

  • Bonus
  • Signing bonus
  • Honorarium
  • Supplemental pay (for faculty only)
  • Temporary acting role
  • Missed payment of salary
  • Missed payment of hours
  • Missed payment of overtime

When a recurring payment is owed to an employee in addition to their regular, semi-monthly pay, it can be added to the employee’s regular paycheck over several pay periods. Stanford payroll administrators may request, modify or stop recurring payments by entering a Supplemental Pay Webform (recommended) or by submitting an Additional Recurring Pay Form. 

Stanford payroll administrators can also submit requests for award payments to faculty and staff through Payroll. Refer to How to: Request One-Time or Supplemental Pay.

Administrators can request award payments to non-Stanford affiliates through the Expense Requests system as Non-PO Payments, using the “Prizes and Awards.” Refer to the following how-tos:

Occasional payroll advances are available for regular staff and bargaining unit employees under special situations and must follow specific guidelines. Advance requests outside of policy are not processed.