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Authority Manager

Authority Manager is the system used at Stanford to view and grant authority privileges to many systems used across the university, including Oracle Financials, Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Financial Reporting, Tidemark Budgeting and many more. This page provides information about the different types of financial authority privileges, how-to instructions and other helpful resources.

Authority Manager allows employees to view financial authority assignments and if authorized, grant or update financial authority assignments. Only authorized personnel are able to access Stanford financial systems to originate or approve transactions or to view financial data on reports. Financial authority is granted based on individual roles and responsibilities. 

There are three primary types of financial authority privileges granted to employees which include authority to:

Review the topic overviews above to learn more about financial authority types, the purpose and use of each financial and reporting system, how authority is granted and specific access requirements.

All employees with a Stanford University ID (SUNet ID) have access to use Authority Manager to view authority assignments for themselves or others by individual or organization. Refer to Topic Overview: View Financial Authority Assignments.

Only authorized individuals (grantors) can use Authority Manager to grant or revoke authority, copy authority privileges from one individual to another, or use workflow to route requests to copy, edit, or revoke privileges to an appropriate grantor. To grant authority privileges to another employee, grantors need to specify the grantee's organization(s), role or responsibility, and limits (i.e., access to specific projects, project-task combinations or awards, and dollar amount limits). Refer to Topic Overview: Grant or Update Financial Authority Assignments.

For Authority Grantors

How to Grant Authority Authority Manager lets you grant systems authority to persons whose job requires them to access Stanford business systems. You can only grant the authority that has been granted to you with the can grant or can only grant condition. When granting privileges, you must set scope, limits, and conditions on the privilege.
How to Grant OBI Finance Reporting Authority Follow these steps to grant OBI Finance Reporting Authority.
How to Copy Authority Follow these steps to copy current, revoked, or expired privileges from one person to another. 
How to Edit or Revoke Authority Follow these steps to change authority assignments.
How to Restore Authority Follow these steps to restore authority.
How to Request Actions (When You Don't Have Authority) Follow these steps to copy, edit, or revoke privileges when you don’t have the necessary grantable authority (Action button selections are greyed out). The system will route the request to the lowest level grantor for approval. 
How to Edit Authority Requests Follow these steps to cancel or change approvers for authority requests you have initiated or submitted
How to Approve or Deny Authority Requests Follow these steps to cancel or change approvers for authority requests you have initiated or submitted
How to Add or Change Proxy Settings Follow these steps to designate someone to grant authority on your behalf, without giving them your actual authority, or your access to administrative systems. This feature is especially useful for high-level users to delegate the business of granting authority to an administrative associate. 


For Authority Grantees

View My Authority Log in to Authority Manager and click the My Authority tile to view your current, revoked and proxy authority privileges
Who Can Grant Me Authority? Authority is granted by delegation from other people in your organization or its parent. To get authority, you need to find someone who has the same or higher authority, and is able to grant it.
How to Identify OBI Financial Reporting Assignments Follow these steps to identify who has authority to run Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) financial reporting and who can grant authority for a particular scope (including organization, PTA and subject area).


OBI Authority Reports OBI Authority Reports show authority assignments by person, privilege or organizational perspective as well as privileges granted by an individual and grantors by privilege.


Last Updated: Apr 7, 2022


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