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Purchasing Card (PCard)

PCard is a custom module of the Oracle Financials system used to verify, edit, search, approve or withdraw charges made against Stanford Purchasing Cards. Purchasing Cards (PCards) are Stanford liability credit cards issued to approved university employees to make university business purchases.

University-issued PCards are not the most effective or cost-efficient purchasing method. For more information, refer to Topic Overview: Purchase Goods and Topic Overview: Stanford's Purchasing Card Program.

Types of Transactions in the PCard Module

PCard Verifications

Designated Purchasing Card Verifiers with access to the PCard module can review transaction details, enter complete business purposes, attach supporting receipts and documentation, verify sales tax, verify/update charge accounts (PTAE) and, as needed, flag transactions for dispute with the merchant and/or bank. There can be only one verifier at a time per PCard account. 

PCard Approvals

Approvers with access to the PCard module can review transaction details and either approve, edit or return the transaction to the verifier with comments. Edits may include updating charge accounts or adding approvers or FYI recipients to the Approval Routing List.

How Do I Start Using the PCard Module?

There is only one level of access to the PCard module in Oracle. "SU PCard" responsibility enables authorized Verifiers and Approvers to review and approve PCard transactions.

Visit the Newsroom for recent announcements and subscribe to receive future PCard updates and enhancements. 

Before using the PCard module in Oracle Financials, do the following:

  1. Complete the required training for new users.
  2. Be granted self-serve privilege, "SU PCard," in the Authority Manager application by your school or department.
  3. Submit the PCard Application or request PCard changes.     

Browser Requirements

For the Oracle Financials features and functions to work properly on PC and Mac computers, use recommended browsers. Review the Administrative System Browser Requirements webpage.

For New Users

Prior to enrolling in PCard training, you must complete prerequisite courses. Click the course overview page below to view all courses included in the learning path.

Learning supplements are available for just-in-time learning following course completion.


PCard reporting can be performed using:

  • Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Expense Requests and SU Card Activity dashboard
    Use the dashboard to report on:
    • Credit Card Transactions: This report displays all Travel Card and Purchasing Card transactions with merchant, charging and approval details. 
    • Credit Card Transactions Aging: This report displays the same information as the Credit Card Transaction report but has no date parameters so it finds all Travel Card and Purchasing Card transactions that have not been posted to a PTA.     
    • SU Credit Card Custodian Report: This report displays both the active and inactive (as indicated by the column Credit Card Inactive Date) Purchasing Cards and Travel Cards for a PTA or Organization and details of respective Credit Card Holders and Verifiers, daily and monthly charged limits.

Refer to OBI Financial Reporting system for more information.

  • Oracle Pending Transactions inquiry tool
    • Pending Transactions: provides a consolidated view of all purchase requisitions, invoice payments, supplier and payee requests, PCard verifications and Expense Request system transactions including TCard that are pending an action.

Refer to Oracle Financials Inquiry Tools system for more information.

Last Updated: Nov 17, 2023


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