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Shipping via FedEx Online at Stanford

Stanford offers PTA-associated accounts to active employees for quick and easy online preparation of document and commodity shipments (both domestic and international), accurate accounting for shipping expenditures, and automatic invoice processing.

For shipments involving dangerous goods, both the person(s) packing the material and the individual signing the shipping papers must be trained and certified before shipping.

Access Stanford FedEx Account Application

FedEx Website Alert: PTA is required in the Reference field for all created shipping labels where Stanford is responsible for payment. There is a known issue when creating a new shipping label in users' Stanford accounts on In the “new version” of the FedEx user interface (UI), PTA selection is no longer required and some users’ PTA lists are inaccessible. Users must revert back to the legacy version by following the below instructions so that PTA selection will once again be required and PTA lists are accessible:

  1. After logging in to, click on the Shipping tab and Create a Shipment. The user may be asked to select a FedEx Online Shipping Tools Option. If so, the user should choose the first Fedex Ship Manager Login with an Account option.
  2. On the label creation page, there are two different ways to revert back to the legacy version:

Toward the top of the page there will be a gray banner displayed with an information icon, click on return to the previous version. A new popup will appear, click on Return to Legacy View.

screenshot of how to return to Legacy View on Fedex website.

Toward the top right corner, click on the Views button. A dropdown will open and toward the bottom click Return to Legacy View. A new popup will appear, click on Return to Legacy View. Click to view screenshot of Views button. 

Screenshot of Views button.

Stanford's shipping program through provides:

  • Easy comparison of shipping option rates, online address book maintenance, advance preparation of return-to-sender airbill, and ability to email a prepaid airbill link
  • Direct billing to a PTA or an option to select from a specified list of PTAs (specified by the account requestor in the Stanford Account Management Application)
  • Inclusion of shipment expenditures on the monthly Expenditure Statement

The first step to shipping via FedEx online at Stanford is to request a account. Active employees may:

  • Request creation of a account
  • Add PTA(s) to an existing account
  • Remove PTA(s) associated to an existing account

Access Stanford FedEx Account Application

Requests will be processed within three days.

  • After requesting a new account, a Stanford login and password will be emailed to the requester use on the FedEx website. The password can be changed immediately after logging into the new account.
  • After requesting to add or remove PTA(s) from a account, an email will be sent to the requester with a notification that the PTA(s) has been added to or removed from the account.
  • To request the removal of a user account, please submit a support request

When shipping dry ice, biological materials, hazardous chemical materials, compressed gases, environmental pollutants, noxious items, or any other regulated "Dangerous Goods" in any amount, Federal regulation and Stanford Policy (Admin Guide Policy 5.1.1 and 5.1.2) require that both the person(s) packing the materials and the individual signing the shipping papers must be trained and recertified. Active employees that do not frequently ship "Dangerous Goods" (other than biological materials or dry ice), can use the services of an EH&S-certified shipper to prepare and package materials and sign the shipping papers.

Stanford personnel are not allowed to ship any radioactive materials. To ship radioactive materials, contact Health Physics:





For questions about shipping hazardous materials:

Last Updated: May 14, 2024