Requests to close a project-task-award (PTA) should be directed to the central office department responsible for administering the PTA set up and close process. This page includes contacts and requirements for closing various PTA types. 

The table below includes common PTA types, requirements for closing and contacts. Requirements and contacts for closing other PTA types can be found in Administrative Guide Policy 3.1.3: Expenditure Accounts (PTAs).

PTA Type Close Requirement Contacts
Capital Projects requiring a Form 1 All outstanding commitments have been reconciled. For capital projects requiring a Form 1, contact the Capital Planning and Space Management department of Land, Buildings & Real Estate.
Capital Projects NOT requiring a Form 1 All outstanding commitments have been reconciled. Send completed Capital Projects PTA Request Form as an email attachment to Ron Yu, Manager of Capital Planning at @email.
Sponsored Project Sponsor has notified Stanford of its acceptance and sign-off of all technical, financial, invention and property reports as required by the terms and conditions of the award. Coordinate with School and Department Contacts for Sponsored Funding.
Service Center All remaining account balances have been cleared. Contact the Research Administration Policy and Compliance department of the Office of Research Administration.
Other Designated, Expendable or Endowment Gifts, or Operating Budget

May be closed at any time during the fiscal year after all outstanding commitments have been reconciled. 

Endowment gift funds and their related endowment income funds are very seldom closed.

To close a non-sponsored account (PTA) or individual project, task or award, submit a support request

Contacts for Non-Sponsored Funding by School/Department will respond to your request. 

When an invoice is submitted to Accounts Payable for processing, the associated PTA is checked to ensure it is active and chargeable. If these conditions are not met, the invoice will be put on hold. For more information, refer to Resource: Understanding PTA Status and End Date Validations for Invoice Processing.

Last Updated: Aug 29, 2020