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Common Oracle Browser Issues and Resolutions

On occasion, users may experience issues logging in to the Oracle Financials system depending upon the browser used. To minimize log in issues, please follow University IT recommended browsers by application. Firefox is the current recommended browser for Oracle Financials system users. This page describes common browser issues and steps you can take to resolve the issue.

Common Browser Issues and Resolution

Item Issue Description  Resolution
1 Some users may get an error message upon clicking Login on the Oracle Landing Page.

To resolve this issue, try:

  1. Clearing your browser cache (browsing history) which will prevent the error from occurring again. 
  2. After clearing your cache/history try logging in again.

Refer to University IT knowledge article How to Clear Your Cache and Cookies.

2 Some users encounter a "Blue Oracle Login Screen" when trying to access Oracle Financials.

To resolve:

  1. Be sure you are using the correct browser for Oracle which is Firefox ESR version 78 or higher
  2. Please clear your cookies and cache. (How to Clear Your Cache and Cookies)
  3. Close all your Firefox browser windows.
  4. Open new Firefox browser window and login to Oracle using the following link: https://ofweb.stanford.edu
3 Some Mac users are unable to access Oracle Financials using Safari browser.

To resolve this issue, users may:

  1. Log in using Firefox (download Firefox if not on system)
  2. Install Certificate to Access Oracle Using Safari
4 Oracle Financials does not support the new Firefox browser "Firefox Quantum 57."

Firefox users should be using "Firefox ESR 52.x or 60.x", and should upgrade to the Firefox ESR version 60.x to use Oracle Financials.

  1. See UIT Firefox Requirements
  2. Download Firefox ESR 60.x
5 Oracle brings up the home page but the Navigator list on the left is blank.

To resolve:

  • Select “Logout” on the top right and access the page again.
6 An upgrade to the Google Chrome browser, renders it incompatible with ordering from Amazon Business and SmartMart in Oracle Financials.

To resolve:

  • Use Firefox as the recommended browser for Oracle Financials.
7 The upgrade to the Mac Operating System, "Big Sur" 11.x, is not supported for Core Applications (e.g., Oracle Labor Distribution, Sunflower Assets, other Core Oracle Modules).

To resolve:

  • Do not upgrade to "Big Sur" or downgrade if already upgraded.

Additional  Help

  • Technical Assistance: If you need further assistance with browser maintenance, contact the University IT Help Desk at 650-725-HELP or submit a service request
  • See Oracle Basics Guide for help with Oracle Financials (including single-topic video snippets).
Last Updated: Jun 20, 2023