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Find Existing Expenditure Type Codes

There are several resources available to help transaction preparers and approvers ensure that expenses are recorded properly in Oracle Financials systems. These same resources can help financial analysts and finance managers interpret financial reports, and they can help department managers and finance leaders make decisions about how to record and track expenditures. This page describes resources to help find and interpret expenditure type codes.

The Oracle Expenditure Type Query tool is available to anyone with a Stanford University ID (SUNet ID). Use the Expenditure Type Query tool to view expenditure type codes, including transaction usage and full description, by searching on the Expenditure Type Name or Number or any word(s) (or partial word) in the Description. Search results will display all type codes that meet your search criteria. 

  • Learn more about the Expenditure Type Query
  • To access the Expenditure Type Query, launch Oracle and open the SU Inquiry Tools and Forms folder. 

Anyone with access to Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Finance can use the OBI Reference Data and Inquiry Dashboard Expenditure Type and Object Code Search report to pull data by a variety of parameters (e.g., expenditure type name contains, effective date, budget only). The report returns a number of attributes, including information about expenditure type, expenditure type category, effective dates and iJournals authority level for usage.

For information about OBI, refer to Learn About: OBI Financial Reporting.

Two comprehensive lists of all active and inactive expenditure type codes are also available as interactive reports through the Oracle Expenditure Type Query tool.  To access the Expenditure Type queries:

  • Launch Oracle Financials Inquiry Tools
  • Within the SU Inquiry Tools and Forms folder, click the link for the Expenditure Type Query.
  • In the Additional Resources section, click the link for the list you are interested in:
    • Expenditure Type Listing - Active Only
    • Expenditure Type Listing - Active & Inactive
  • The report will run automatically and display the selected expenditure type list.
  • Download the list or filter it further by using the Actions button.

The reports include expenditure type category and description, expenditure type code, name and description, effective dates and financial system usage indicators.

In the event that current expenditure type codes do not meet the needs of a department or business unit, new or updated codes may be requested. Refer to Topic Overview: Request New or Change Existing Expenditure Type of Object Codes for more information.

There are more than 800 active expenditure type codes. The following table includes two lists that are commonly used.

List Name Description
Commonly Used Expenditure Type Codes This list includes approximately 50 of the most commonly used expenditure type codes.
Common Expenditure Types Used for Property and Equipment This list includes various expenditure types used for capital and non-capital equipment and other related expenses.


Last Updated: Jan 21, 2022