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Ground Transportation

The university pays directly or reimburses individuals for expenses that are necessary and appropriate to conduct university business. Key considerations and associated processes are found in Business and Travel Expense Policies Fundamentals. The university outlines its guiding principles and the IRS regulations for business and travel expenses in Administrative Guide Memo 5.4.2.

Individuals traveling on university business are expected to use ground transportation options that are necessary and reasonable. The cost of ground transportation should be kept to a minimum and consistent with a reasonable level of comfort, convenience and security for the traveler. Specific guidelines and maximums are detailed on the Ground Transportation Policy page. 

It is highly encouraged that Stanford travelers use Stanford Travel booking channels when booking flights, hotels, and rental cars for university-sponsored travel. Stanford Travel booking channels automatically register itineraries and any booking updates to the Travel Registry, streamline the reimbursement process, and offer discounts, benefits, and perks to travelers. In addition, the Stanford Travel team can provide specialized assistance as needed to travelers who book through Stanford Travel.

Travelers also have the choice to use optional travel services, such as Uber for Business and Lyft for Business, to book ground transportation.

More ground transportation booking policy details are available on the Ground Transportation Policy page.

The Stanford Travel Card (TCard) is the recommended payment option for any travel costs that will not be reimbursed through the per diem method. Alternatively, personal funds may be used, and a request for reimbursement can be submitted after the trip. For more information on reimbursement methods, see the Topic Overview: Business and Travel Expense Policies page.

Charter services, such as tour or shuttle buses, require a contract and are payable through a purchase order as a standard non-catalog requisition in iProcurement; and should not be paid with personal funds or the Stanford Travel Card.

More information about payment and reimbursement methods and associated policies and guidelines is found on the Ground Transportation Policy page.

Last Updated: Nov 17, 2023