Accounts Payable (AP) Default PTAs are holding accounts, set up for every organization (org) to account for AP Invoice transactions that fail to post.

AP Invoice transactions that fail to post successfully to valid PTAs are instead posted to clearing awards created to capture these failures for their org. The charges must be moved at a later date to an appropriate project-task-award (PTA). Every time a new org is created, as part of the Organization Code Hierarchy administered by the University Budget Office, the department must supply a PTA, with award type “Clearing,” to be mapped as the designated AP Default PTA for AP Invoice transactions. Refer to Topic Overview: Purpose and Use of Org Codes.

  • Failed AP Invoice transactions are charged to the AP Default PTA associated with the award org of the failed transaction PTA.
  • Departments are required to clear balances in a timely manner (optimal time for AP Default PTA is every month or reconciliation cycle).
  • The iJournals system is used to clear AP Default PTA transactions.
  • To learn or change the AP Default PTA for an org contact the Systems and Reporting Operations (S&RO) team at @email

Identify and Clear Transactions

Use the OBI Consolidated Expenditure Reporting Dashboard>Home Tab to review all transactions that have been posted to the organization's AP Default PTA (Search for your organization and Award High Level Type Long Name = CLR-CLEARING). Based on the transaction detail, use the iJournal system to move the charge(s) to appropriate PTA(s).

Prevent Future Postings

Use the OBI Procure to Pay Dashboard>Invalid PTAs Tab to find all open purchase orders on PTAs that are already or will soon be closed preventing further charges from posting.

Keep expense request processing times short to avoid having PTAs become invalid during the approval process.

For each posting to the AP Default PTA, research the situation that gave rise to the posting and correct any remaining open transactions.


S&RO (Systems and Reporting Operations)
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