This page provides instructions for how to change a PTA on an approved purchase order (PO). 

To change a PTA on an approved PO, you may submit a change order via iProcurement, or if the purchase order has less than $2,500 remaining, a support request may be sent to the Financial Support Center.

Be aware of the following:

  • Use iJournals to change the PTA/Expenditure Type (PTAE) on past payments. Invoices already applied and paid on the PO cannot be changed with a PTAE change request.
  • The PTA change process applies to open purchase orders. Open purchase orders are defined as POs with future invoices expected and an open dollar amount that may be applied to your requested replacement PTA. The original and replacement PTA must be open (not a closed or on-hold account). PTA changes cannot be made to line items that have been "received" in iProcurement.
    • However, if the PO has not been paid, a PTA change can be made by changing the receiving status, effectively undoing the receiving. Prior to requesting a PTA change the receipt amount must be zero. If it does not say zero, refer to How To: Correct Receiving for more information.
Make Changes to PTA/Expenditure (PTAE) Applied to Open POs
  1. Submit a change order via iProcurement to make the following PTA/Expenditure (PTAE) changes that apply to open purchase orders (SmartMart, Amazon Business and Non-Catalog):
    • Add funds to existing PTAs
    • Add funds with a new PTA
    • Request removal of remaining funds from a particular line
    • Change the PTAE for a specific line
    • Move funds from one PTA line to another line
Make Changes to PTA with Remaining Funds of $2,500 or Less on the PO
  1. Submit a Support Request with the following information:
    • Purchase Order Number
    • Supplier Name
    • Existing PTA
    • Replacement PTA
    • Description of what is being requested
    • Phone Number

    The PTA can only be changed to one other PTA and all the remaining funds on that PTA will be moved.
    The Expenditure Type cannot be changed via the Change PTA under $2,500 process.

If the PTA can be changed on the PO without a change order via iProcurement, a response will be sent to the requester via their Support Request within a few days.


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