This page provides instructions for how to change a PTA (not the Expenditure Type) on an approved purchase order (PO) with remaining funds of $2,500 or less. This will allow future invoices to be paid by that changed PTA line. For invoices that have already been processed, use iJournals to change the PTAE on past payments.

If there is an invoice matched to the existing PO but it is not yet paid, the PTA funds matched to that invoice cannot be changed. In these instances, a support request needs to be sent to request the invoice to be unmatched to allow those funds to be affected by the requested change. If you need to change either the Expenditure Type on a PO or a PTA on a PO with more than $2,500 remaining funds, you can submit a Standard Change Order. See  How To: Change a Standard Non-Catalog Purchase Order (Create Change Order)

  • The replacement PTA must be currently open (not a closed or on-hold account). 
  • PTA changes cannot be made to line items that have been "received" in iProcurement. If the PO line item you are seeking to pay is marked as “received,” see How To: Correct Receiving to reverse receiving to proceed. to reverse receiving to proceed.
Make Changes to PTA/Expenditure (PTAE) Applied to Open POs
  1. Submit a change order via iProcurement to make the following changes that apply to open purchase orders: (See How To: Change a Standard Non-Catalog Purchase Order (Create Change Order)
    • Change the PTA and/or the Expenditure Type (PTAE)
    • Add funds to existing PTAs
    • Add funds with a new PTA
    • Request removal of remaining funds from a particular line
    • Move funds from one PTA line to another line
Make Changes to PTA with Remaining Funds of $2,500 or Less on the PO
  1. Submit a Support Request, (Change PTA on Purchase Order (PO) for $2,500 or Less) with the following information:
    • Reason for Change
    • Purchase Order (PO)  Number
    • Existing Project Task Award (PTA)
    • Replacement Project Task Award (PTA)

    The PTA can only be changed to one other PTA and all the remaining funds on that PTA will be moved.
    The Expenditure Type cannot be changed via the Change PTA under $2,500 process.

What Happens Next?

The support request for “Change PTA on Purchase Order (PO) for $2,500 or Less” is sent to the Financial Support Center (FSC) to make the change to the specific PTA on the Purchase Order. You will be notified by email from the support request when the task is completed. The FSC will send a notification if the PTA change cannot be made according to your request. 


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