Workflow Notifications is a module of the Oracle Financials system that contains messages about transactions that may require users to take some type of action and/or provide users with information about transactions. Workflow Notifications are the primary method of communicating with financial transaction approvers that a transaction requires their review and/or approval. This system page focuses on Oracle Workflow Notifications for financial approvers.

Most transactions generated in the Oracle Financial System must be approved by a person or persons with the appropriate financial authority before they are considered complete. If the originator of a transaction does not have adequate financial authority to fully approve the transaction, it will be routed to an authorized approver for review and approval. The Oracle Financial System uses the account structure to identify authorized approvers based on the PTA account(s) included in the transaction. Refer to Authority to Approve Financial Transactions for more information.

Oracle Workflow Notifications communicate with financial approvers by sending email notifications. Notifications contain information about the transaction and may request users to take approval action or provide users with FYI only information. 

Workflow Notification emails prompt approvers to log in to Oracle Workflow Notifications to review, approve or return/reject transactions from their approval Worklist.

Anyone with a Stanford University ID (SUNET ID) can log in to Oracle Financials and gain access to Workflow Notifications. The Workflow Notification Worklist will be blank unless you are an authorized transaction approver and you have notifications that require action. 

From the Oracle Home page, there are three different ways to access Workflow Notifications:

  1. Center of the Home Page - The most recent three open notifications in an approver's Worklist display in the center of the Home Page. The Full List button allows access to view all notifications for Approvers.
  2. Home Page Header - Approvers can access the Full Worklist from the Worklist drop-down.
  3. Navigator Menu - Approvers can access the Full Worklist by selecting SU Workflow Notifications > Workflow Notifications > Notifications.

Prior to receiving approval notifications, approvers must be granted appropriate approval authority and complete required training. Refer to Types of Financial Transaction Approval Authority to learn about financial tasks that require approval, how approval privileges are granted and specific training requirements. 

Use Oracle Financials Inquiry Tools (launch Oracle and open the SU Inquiry Tools and Forms folder):

  • Use Oracle Financial Approval Authority Query to search for authorized approvers by project, task or by award.
  • Use Oracle Vacation Query to help monitor the history of vacation delegation and worklist sharing assignments.
  • Use Oracle Pending Transactions inquiry tool to view all purchase requisitions, invoice payments, supplier and payee requests, PCard verifications and Expense Requests system transactions including TCard that are pending an action.



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