As Stanford University expands its global footprint to advance its mission, Global Business Services (GBS) partners with faculty and administrative staff to deliver business solutions that safeguard, enable and accelerate international programs, projects and initiatives.

Global Business Services

The GBS website details the range of consulting and financial operations support and resources in the following areas:

  • Project Planning: Resources and guidance on project planning, including administrative, legal, tax and safety implications.
  • Tax: Information on tax implications such as triggering presence, corporate and individual taxation, value added tax and withholding, and income tax related to program revenue.
  • Legal: In consultation with Stanford’s Office of the General Council, Global Business Services offers practical guidance, logistical information and an overview of regulatory issues often encountered by those working globally.
  • Finance: Guidance on budgeting for global activities, and how to access and spend funds outside of the U.S.
  • HR and Employment: In collaboration with Global HR, Global Business Services offers guidance on Stanford personnel working abroad, and hiring and paying local individuals in foreign countries.
  • Travel: Guidance on the many factors and issues that must be considered in international travel.

For questions or assistance with planning or conducting global activities, submit a Support Request to the Global Business Services team.