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View Financial Authority Assignments

Three types of financial authority are delegated to business unit staff at the university: 

Each financial and reporting system requires unique authority privileges, which are granted using Authority Manager. This page provides an overview of the different methods that can be used to view financial authority assignments.

The Authority Manager system can be used to view authority assignments for yourself, other individuals or all authority assignments for an organization. 

The “Who can grant authority?” tool within Authority Manager can be used to determine who can grant authority for a particular privilege and organization.  If no one is available to grant authority at the org level selected, the tool will display who can grant at the next highest org level. Refer to Authority Manager How Tos for more information.

The Authority Manager system includes OBI Authority Reports. Use Authority Reports to: 

  • View authority by person or by privilege
  • View all people with authority over an organization
  • View authority for all people within an organization 
  • View privileges granted by an individual
  • Find a grantor by privilege

Use the Oracle Financial Approval Authority Query Tool to find authorized approvers for a Project, Task or Award, including type of approval authority, scope, limits and contact information.

To access this inquiry tool and others, launch Oracle Applications and select the SU Inquiry Tools and Forms folder and link in the Navigator section of the Home page.

Last Updated: Nov 3, 2022