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Purchase Goods in Amazon Business

Review this page to learn how to make a purchase in Amazon Business in iProcurement.

Make an Amazon Business in iProcurement Purchase

  1. Enter in the browser
  2. Select Login
  3. As prompted, log in using SUNet ID and password

  1. Select SU Internet Procurement
  2. Select the Amazon Business tile

  1. Enter manufacturer name, manufacturer or distributor part number or product description in the main search bar

    Consider narrowing search results using filters from the search bar drop-down or the filter panel on the left side of the screen.

  1. Review item description for seller and shipping information
    • If the item is sold by a Third-Party seller who also independently ships the item, the description will say "Ships from and sold by (Third-Party Seller name)." 
    • If the item is sold by a Third-Party seller who uses Amazon  to deliver to you, "Amazon" or "Prime One Day" will appear in the delivery information.
  2. Compare other offers in the Other Sellers on Amazon box (when applicable, the box displays on the right side of the screen under Add to Cart and Support and Accessory offers).
  3. For more offers, click the arrow next to the New & Used offers (when available) to show all offers.
    • If the item is not eligible for Amazon Prime then third-party sellers handle customer service for orders shipped directly from them, so shipping and return policies will vary.These policies are outlined in detail and can be found by hovering over the seller name and selecting shipping rates and return policy in the offer description.
    • If you need help with a return to a Third-Party Seller, Amazon Customer Service can help reach out to the seller, and returns are subject to Third Party seller policies.

  1. Click Add to Cart button
  2. When you are done adding items to your cart, select the cart 
  3. Select Proceed to Checkout
  4. Select Continue on the Choose your Prime delivery option page (if available)

    On the checkout page, Amazon Business will reference either your office address or a default Stanford University address. Please ignore and proceed with checkout, since these addresses only drive the delivery speed options and not the actual delivery address. During checkout in iProcurement you should provide the accurate delivery ship-to-address prior to the approved purchase order being sent to Amazon Business. Before placing an order in iProcurement, you can set up your favorite “deliver to” locations and contacts using iProcurement Preferences.

  5. Select Continue on the Pay by Invoice page
  6. Review your order
  7. If the order is correct, select Submit Order for approval

  1. Follow Steps 7 - 13 below  to complete requisition in iProcurement


  1. Assign this Amazon cart to another Stanford user in iProcurement to complete. Use the steps in Assign a Cart in iProcurement to assign the cart. 

  1. Select Create iProcurement Requisition
  2. Select Checkout

    Follow the remaining steps to complete requisition in iProcurement.

You may assign the requisition/cart to another Stanford user in iProcurement from any of the shopping applications within iProcurement: Amazon Business, Non-Catalog Requisition, CardinalTemps and SmartMart Catalog Suppliers. For more information, refer to How To: Assign a Cart in iProcurement.

  1. Review and edit information in the Description field (if necessary) Requisition Description defaults to the first line item on the requisition to provide a clear explanation of the business purpose for purchase.
  2. Add justification information in the Note to Approver field

A single shopping cart cannot have multiple delivery locations within Stanford. You can enter all the information for delivery in your Preferences to pre-populate these fields.

  1. Review/update delivery information:

In Preferences, enter all the information for billing to pre-populate these fields. You can enter several PTAs under My Allocations to allow choices from the drop-down menu.

Charge to One PTA/Expenditure Type
  1. Review/update billing information:

Alternatively, select pre-set billing information from the My Favorite drop-down menu and select Apply

Charge to Multiple PTAs

You may:

  • Change the allocation percentage
  • Add multiple PTAs to one line
  • Change the Expenditure Type for one line
  1. Scroll down to the product table below the Delivery and Billing sections
  2. Select the lines and select the Update button to change multiple lines at one time, or select the pencil icon under Update Line on the far right to make a change to an individual line
  3. Update Line Screen: Change the Description, Quantity, Unit of Measure, Unit Price or Supplier in the Update Line screen
  4. To change the allocation, select the plus sign to add a new line
  5. Replace the pre-populated PTAE information in the new line with the PTAE desired
  6. Enter the Percent, Quantity or Amount information to total 100% for lines selected Only the Percent, Quantity or Amount field needs to be entered. The other fields will populate automatically when you TAB out of the field you used. Entering percent amounts in decimal quantities is permitted, but the total percent must equal 100% before proceeding.
  7. Select the box next to Apply this Cost Allocation information to apply the allocation to all requisition lines in the shopping cart
  8. Select Apply to complete and return to the Edit and Submit Requisition page

  1. Review the requisition details in each line
  2. Select the box(es) of the line you want to edit
  3. Select the Update button to change the single PTA to another single PTA for all the lines selected (you can modify Need-By-Date, the Project, Task, Award or Expenditure Type).
  4. Select Copy to make exact copies of the selected lines
  5. Select Delete to delete selected lines
  6. Select the Update button or the pencil icon in the Update Line column at the far right to view the PTA information for the selected line If the Favorite you selected did not have an Expenditure Type, use the pencil icon in the Update Line column to add the Expenditure Type to a single line.
  7. If tax should not be applied to a particular line or if the Research Tax Credit should be applied, override by selecting the appropriate tax category from the Tax Category drop-down menu (for more information, refer to the Common Sales Tax Exempt Categories)
  8. Select the Guidance for Ensuring Price Reasonableness link to read the policy
  9. Select the box to acknowledge your compliance with Stanford's Price Reasonableness policy

Add the Department Property Administrator (DPA) as the first approver in the routing list if using the Standard Capital Equipment category.

Verify approvers

  1. Select the Manage Approvals button at the far right to update approvers if necessary
  2. Select the Manage FYI Viewers button at the far right to add viewers if necessary

FYI Viewers cannot approve, reject or comment on requisitions routed to them.

  1. Select the Save, Submit or Return to Shopping button at the bottom or top right of the page
  2. Select Save to store requisition with an Incomplete status for a later submittal
What Happens Next?
  • The Requisition is routed to the department approver. Upon department approval, the requisition becomes a purchase order with a unique 8-digit number and is electronically delivered via EDI (electronic data interchange) to Amazon directly.
Last Updated: Aug 3, 2023


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