Stanford Financial Management Services (FMS) seeks to support continued excellence in financial management. Stay up to date with system enhancements, new programs and offerings, and resources available to you by selecting your preferred communications from the list below.

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Newsletters and Mailing Lists
Stanford Travel Newsletter
Typically sent on a quarterly basis, stay up to date with travel resources, procedures and policies.
OBI Financial Reporting
Subscribing to the quarterly newsletter will keep you up to date with Financial Reporting at Stanford.
Credit Card Merchant Services Newsletter
This quarterly newsletter is specifically designed to help Stanford Merchants accept credit cards in a safe, secure and compliant manner.
Year-End Close
Subscribe to this list to receive updates regarding the annual close activities.

You may also subscribe to Mailman lists to receive communications on the following topics:

Topic Mailman Subscription List
Gift Transmittals
Labor Distribution
Month-End Close
Oracle Business Intelligence Alerts (OBI Financial Reporting)
Expenditure Type and Object Code Updates



Financial Management Services (FMS)
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