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Suspense Account Query Tool

Suspense accounts are used to capture payroll earnings and non-salary expenses that fail to post to the original PTA included in the transaction. The Suspense Account Query Tool is used to view and manage suspense account information for an organization. Access the Suspense Account Query Tool from the SU Inquiry Tools and Forms folder of Oracle Financials. 

There are three types of suspense accounts, each with a unique purpose:

  • An Organization Suspense Account (OSA) is a PTA assigned to an organization to capture payroll earnings that fail to post successfully to the PTA included in the original transaction during a payroll run.
  • An OSA Sweep PTA, typically an operating budget, is used to automatically clear Organization Suspense Account (OSA) balances that are not cleared by the department before OSA clearing deadlines. 
  • Accounts Payable (AP) Default PTAs are PTAs assigned to an organization (org) for capturing non-salary transactions that fail to post successfully to the original PTA included in the transaction.

Anyone at the university with an active Stanford University ID (SUNet ID) may use the Suspense Account Query Tool to view suspense accounts for a particular budget unit or a specific organization (org) code. The query displays the current AP Default PTA, OSA PTA, and OSA Sweep PTA assigned to each org code. The results are available for view or download. 

Only authorized budget officers may request changes to suspense accounts using the Suspense Account Query Tool. 

Only certain award types are allowed to be used for suspense account PTAs. See Resource: Allowed Suspense Account Award Types.

There are two levels of access to the Suspense Account Query Tool, based on roles, which determine the tasks that a user can perform using the tool. Some roles require special privileges that are granted by the Systems & Reporting Operations team in Financial Management Services (FMS) using the Authority Manager system. 

Role(s) Authority Manager Privilege User Tasks

Stanford Public Viewer
(includes all university users)

Authority is not required. An active SUNet ID is required.  

  • Look up the AP Default PTA, OSA PTA, and OSA Sweep PTAs for a business unit or org code.
Authorized Budget Officers SU Org Hierarchy Requests
  • Request changes to an AP Default PTA, Org Suspense PTA, or OSA Sweep PTA for an org code. 


Last Updated: May 10, 2024


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