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Understanding PTA Status and End Date Validations for Invoice Processing

When Accounts Payable (AP) matches an invoice to a purchase order (PO) in order to process payment, the PTA being charged is checked to ensure it’s chargeable.

All invoice/PO matches are subject to validations that check for a valid PTA, award and project status, task chargeable, transaction controls and start and end dates on award, project, and task. 

When an invoice is matched to a PO, the PTAE being charged must pass all of the following validations:

  • PTA is valid
  • Award status is active or at risk
  • Project status is active
  • Task is chargeable
  • Transaction Expenditure Item Date (EID) is within the most restrictive PTA start and stop date.
  • Expenditure type is not excluded via a transaction control on the project or task.
  • Invoice date is not prior to the most restrictive PTA start date.

If the invoice, PO, or PTA match passes validation, the invoice will be scheduled for payment.
If the invoice, PO, or PTA match fails any of the above validations, AP puts the invoice on hold and:

  • An Invoice on Hold Due to Closed PTA notification is sent to the preparer, financial approvers, applicable department uploader, and task manager, instructing the department to select another PTA that benefited from the charge.
  • To change the PTA, the department must complete and submit a change order request.
  • If the department does not act within 7 days from the date of the email alert, Purchasing changes the PTA on the PO to the department's AP default PTA, charges the default PTA, and notifies the department.

If the invoice is put on hold, AP may notify the requisition preparer, task manager and requisition approver(s). The notification states the reason for the hold with instructions to confirm the existing PTA or select an alternate valid PTA. In some cases, the payment of the invoice will also result in payment slightly in excess of the PO amount. 

  • If an alternate valid PTA is not provided or the existing PTA is not confirmed within 7 days, a default department PTA will be charged. Charges to a default PTA must be reviewed and cleared as needed to an appropriate PTA that benefited from the expenditures.

  • The certified and designated Principal Investigator for the subaward must approve payment and certify that the charges on the invoice appear reasonable, and progress to date on the project is satisfactory and in keeping with the statement of work. The prescribed approval statement and PI signature must be included with each subaward invoice uploaded for payment in accordance with the policy and processes outlined by the Office of Sponsored Research. See Managing a Subaward for more information.
    • Once the certification statement and PI approval is added to the invoice, please submit a support request, attaching the invoice with the certification statement and PI approval, and the Financial Support Center will take the action of attaching the approved invoice to the original uploaded file for this invoice, and the hold will be released.
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2024


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