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Product / Service Expenditure Type Best Purchasing Method

Hazardous Materials

see also: Research and Laboratory Safety
see: Radioactives
  • 55230 – Chemicals & Compressed Gases

SmartMart (if available)

No Petty Cash or Purchasing Cards


Honoraria to Non-Stanford Employees

see also: Paying Honoraria
  • 54230 – Other Professional Services- Allowable (not for legal or accounting services)
  • 54235 – Other Professional Services- Unallowable (not for legal or accounting services)

Expense Requests (Non-PO Payment)


Honoraria to Stanford Employees

see also: Paying Honoraria
  • 51903 – Honoraria Payment to SU Employee

Payroll, Request One-Time or Supplemental Payment


Hotel (deposits and lodging for travel)

see: Travel (domestic) , Travel (international)

Hotel (local for visitor)

see: Travel (domestic)
  • 52445 – Travel Non-SU Employee

Travel Card

Expense Requests (Non-PO Payment – Hotel Expenses expense type) if no Travel Card


Human Subjects

see also: Paying Human Subjects
  • 54630 – Human Subjects PMTS Incentives

See Overview: Paying Human Subjects for payment methods by payee and incentive types

Human Subject Incentive Certification Form