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Product / Service Expenditure Type Best Purchasing Method


see also: UIT Hardware Recommendations
  • 53120 – SU CAP COMPUTER EQUIP (acquisition cost > $5,000)

SmartMart Capital Equipment

•  See How To
•  Receiving required, see How To


Shipping and Handling

see: Customs Broker Fees , Postage
  • 55320 – Shipping, Handling, Cartage, Freight Services (non-capital)

    If part of capital equipment purchase, use capital equipment expenditure type for customs line item.

Shipping via FedEx Online at Stanford

S Single / Sole Source Justification Form
see also: Updated Single/Sole Source Justification (SSJ) Form Announcement , Topic Overview: Selecting a Supplier
  • Varies by Item

This form, Single / Sole Source Justification Form is required for Requisitions of $50,000 or greater after taxes and fees.

S Software (media & licenses)
  • 55410 – Computer Software Programs

For guidance on purchasing software, including software licensing and cloud services, visit Topic Overview: Purchase Services.


Software Maintenance Agreements

  • 55420 – Software Maintenance Agreements

Non-Catalog Requisition (Standard)

S Speakers (speakers for hire – not honoraria)
  • 54230 – Other Professional Services- Allowable (not for legal or accounting services)

Non-Catalog Requisition (Standard)


Staffing Services

see: Temporary Labor
  • 51891 – To be used only with STAP PTA (1089542-8-AAPAA)

Purchasing Card

Expense Requests (Expense Report)

Expense Requests (Non-PO Payment)


Subaward Contracts

  • 54710 – Line One on Req for first $25,000
  • 54720 – (Not Subject to IDC) Line Two on Req for anything over first $25,000

Non-Catalog Requisition (Standard Subaward)

View a PowerPoint step-by-step presentation.

View Subaward Resources section on the ORA website.



  • 55130 – Non-Library Books


Purchasing Card