Here are the instructions for handling funds for any personal expenses accidentally charged to the PCard.

Stanford Purchasing Cards (PCards) are used to make eligible purchases on behalf of the university. Personal charges on the PCard are strictly prohibited. If a personal expense is accidentally charged to the PCard, it should be promptly repaid directly to the correct PTAE by using Stanford’s CASHnet tool within the department. Follow the steps below to return funds for these personal expenses made on a PCard.

Personal expenses not paid back to Stanford University may be withheld from subsequent reimbursements to the payee and/or reported as personal income to the payee.

The process to repay personal charges on a PCard differs from the process to repay personal changes on a Travel Card. For instructions on repaying TCard charges, please visit  How To Return Personal Expenses Charged to Travel Card.

  1. Follow instructions to Verify PCard Transactions
  2. After verifying the PCard transaction containing an accidental personal purchase, determine the amount of the personal purchase on the PCard
  3. Note the PTAE used for this transaction


  1. Obtain a personal check or money order made out to Stanford University for the personal charges made on the PCard
  2. Attach a note explaining that this payment is for personal charges on PCard (ending in XXXX). Include the (seven-digit) PCard Transaction Number and the PTAE that should be used for the deposit
  3. Give the check and note to the person in your department who makes deposits using CASHNet  


  1. The department will deposit the payment via CASHNet following these instructions: How To Process and Deposit Department Receipts
  2. After the Department notifies the University Payment Office of the deposit, the department should obtain an electronic copy of the receipt or Department Transmittal form
  3. The department should forward confirmation of deposit to the PCard Verifier


  1. The PCard Verifier should attach a copy of the receipt to the back-up for the PCard transaction (that has already been approved)

The deposit receipt will serve as proof that the personal expense has been repaid.


What Happens Next?
  • The deposit made to the same PTAE used for the PCard transaction will replenish the funds used for the PCard charge.
  • If a personal PCard transaction that was not repaid is identified during audit, Stanford Card Services will ask the department to follow the process above to repay it.
  • For questions regarding the CASHNet process, please submit a Support Request to Cash Management.
  • For questions regarding the PCard, please submit a Support Request to Card Services.
Last Updated: Oct 15, 2021
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