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Oracle Financials Inquiry Tools

Several web-based inquiry tools are available to look up data in Oracle Financials from the home page of each individual system.

Within the Oracle Financials home page is a folder titled SU Inquiry Tools and Forms. These inquiry tools and forms  are used to assist in financial transaction processing by looking up information, such as purchase orders, funds, and expenditure types. Learn about each of the tools/forms by clicking its link below, or visit Reporting: Oracle Inquiry Tools for a home page with a brief overview of each tool/form.

*These two items are forms rather than inquiry tools.

Authority is not required for Oracle Financials Inquiry tools, as they do not return confidential financial information. All Stanford employees automatically have access to Oracle Financials.
To access the inquiry tools, follow these steps (the query tools can be used concurrently while using other Oracle Financials systems).

  1. Log in to Oracle Financials
    1. Enter in the browser
    2. Log in using your SUNet ID, password, and two-step authentication
  2. Select the SU Inquiry Tools and Forms  from the home page Navigator section
  3. Select the inquiry tool or form of interest from the list:

For reporting pages about each of the Oracle inquiry tools, refer to Reporting: Oracle Inquiry Tools.

Last Updated: Feb 9, 2024


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