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Review, Approve or Reject PCard Verifications

This page provides instructions for reviewing, approving or rejecting PCard verification transactions.

Review, Approve or Reject PCard Verifications

Notifications are sent to designated approvers alerting them that a transaction requires review and approval. You will need a SUNet ID and password and have Requisition Approval authority granted in Authority Manager. Refer to Topic Overview: Financial Transaction Approval.

Follow Proper Use of Funds guidance and utilize the Expenditure Transaction Approval Checklist to ensure compliance with university policies

Important Policy Reminders:

  • PCard verifiers may not approve PCard transactions.
  • PCard expenses should be verified and approved as soon as practicable after charges are incurred, but no later than 60 days after charges are incurred. After the designated PCard verifier has completed their action, a system-generated email notifies authorized approvers (for each PTAE charged to the PCard) that transactions are awaiting their review and approval. Failure to complete approvals within 60 days of transaction may result in card suspension and/or expenditures being reported as taxable income to the card user or cardholder. An approver may not be the cardholder, custodian or a verifier, and cannot report to the individual who made the purchase or be the beneficiary of the purchase/transaction. Consistent late verification and approval of charges may result in card suspension.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter SUNet ID and password
  3. Select SU Workflow Notifications
  4. Select Notifications     
    Notifications can also be received in email. The notification contains a link to the Notifications Worklist.

  1. Select the PCard Transaction [X] Requires Approval link in the Subject column     
    Check for an "unusually high cost" warning in the Message section at the top of the page.
  2. Review transaction details and backup documentation. Approval should be granted only after:     
    • Review of any high cost warnings. Please provide written justification for high expense cost (if applicable) or in cases using a sponsored account for grants that allow these types of charges (e.g., memberships and sometimes alcohol) must be explained in Business Purpose or Allocation Reason;
    • Ensure appropriate documentation of charge
      • Proper documentation matches the charge in this transaction (include invoice rather than just order confirmation). 
      • Review receipts for charges of $75 or more (varies by department). If a receipt is missing, the approver must follow up with the cardholder or custodian to understand why the receipt is missing and verify that good/services were received;
    • Confirmation that the expenditure is reasonable, necessary and complies with all relevant university policies;
    • Verification that the charges are correct (match receipts):
      • Allowable and properly coded to appropriate PTAE. Confirm funds are available in the account being charged.
      • If applicable, ensure proper sales or use tax has been recorded

  1. Select the Approve button once the transaction has been reviewed and satisfies the review criteria           
    If the approved transaction has unusually high cost, it may be escalated for final approval.

    Selecting Approve returns the screen to the Notifications Worklist.
  1. Enter an explanation in the Response Comment box at the bottom of the notification, including criteria by which the transaction could be approved if modified and resubmitted
  2. Select the Return button to return the verification to the originator for resolution     
    Selecting Return returns the screen to the Notifications Worklist.

  1. Select the appropriate link to review another transaction
  2. Select Logout at the top if finished
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Last Updated: Dec 22, 2023