Charges for salary which fail to post to a valid PTA (the PTA could not receive the charge or no PTA was specified) are instead posted to the Organization Suspense Account (OSA) for labor associated with the employee’s work assignment organization (org). The charges should be identified and cleared from the suspense account as soon as possible. Quarterly uncleared charges are swept to the sweep PTA with a per transaction fee. Refer to Policy: Clearing of Organization Suspense Accounts (OSA). Charges can be cleared starting approximately three business days after the payroll end date.

Know your suspense account PTA.  

  • Be able to run OBI Financial Reporting with training, access, and authority for the OSA award by having Authority Manager-Financial Reporting limits of subject area “Payroll and Labor Management” and data access limit of “Salary Data”. 
  • Have training, access, and authority for Oracle Labor Distribution for the work assignment org associated with the salary you need to move.
  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your SUNet ID and password
  3. Select Dashboards to show the drop-down selections
  4. Select Payroll and Labor Management under Finance 
  1. Select Actual Pay
  2. Enter the PTA of the suspense account in the PTA Number field.
  3. Run the Actual Pay report from the beginning of the fiscal year or earlier year (rather than the latest pay period) to ensure that out-of-period earnings (retro payments) are captured in the results
  4. Enter the Last Pay Period End Date
  5. Select Apply
  1. Select Employee – Table View from the Show Data As drop-down menu in the displayed report
  2. In the Actual Earnings Amount column, amounts other than zero needs clearing

All transactions must be moved from the OSA, including offsetting salary on vacation (SOV) and vacation credit (VCR) entries.

  1. Refer to How to: Create Salary Distribution Adjustment in LD.
    To find a labor distribution adjuster in your school or department, refer to Oracle Financials Inquiry Tools: Labor Distribution User Query.
What Happens Next?
  • The originator of the distribution adjustment receives an email notification which includes the details of the transaction including the adjustment batch name and the list of approvers.
  • Users cannot query the adjusted earnings until the distribution adjustment is either rejected by an approver, or fully approved and posted in Labor Distribution.
    • If the distribution adjustment is rejected, the details of the transaction will be purged and the earnings will return to the previous account.
  • To prevent future payroll transaction errors, refer to Identifying, Clearing and Preventing Future Postings in Topic Overview: Organization Suspense Accounts for Labor
  • Subscribe to the LD Adjuster distribution list to stay informed about changes and updates to Labor Distribution.


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