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Create an Individual Labor Distribution Adjustment

Labor Distribution Adjustment (LDA) transactions are used to correct payroll earnings that have been posted to an incorrect account or to an Organization Suspense Account. Use the Individual Adjustment page to transfer salary expenses from one account to another for a single employee.

Only authorized users with the proper authority and training can create labor distribution adjustments using the Labor Distribution Adjustments system in Oracle Financials. Transactions are restricted to the user's Labor Distribution Adjuster authority granted in Authority Manager. Refer to Labor Distribution Adjustments/Access on Fingate.

Create an Individual Labor Distribution Adjustment

Only authorized users with the proper authority and training can create adjustments using the Labor Distribution Adjustments system in Oracle Financials. Transactions are restricted to the user's organization.

  1. Enter in the browser
  2. Select Login
  3. As prompted, log in using SUNet ID and password

  1. In the Navigator pane, Select SU LD Distribution Adjuster

To avoid locking an employee's record, do not click the browser back button or close the window while creating an adjustment.

  1. Start on the Individual Adjustment page
  2. Enter the employee name (or number) and the start and end dates for the pay period
  3. Select View By Pay Code or View By Assignment 
    • View By Pay Code displays the most details about an employee's earnings. At the Pay Code level, earnings are separated by Pay Code (e.g., Salary Sick, etc.,) and PTAE. This gives adjusters the ability to choose the earnings they would like to adjust.
    • View By Assignment displays earnings in summary view. At the Assignment level, earnings are separated by PTAE only.  This gives adjusters the ability to transfer earnings all at once without having to individually choose each type of earning (Pay Code) to adjust. 
  4. Click Search

If authority is missing, the system displays the list of authorized adjusters.

  1. In the Actual Earnings section, select the line(s) to adjust and then click Done
  2. In the Adjusted Earnings section, click Add Line 

Pay Code view: When selecting multiple lines, they must be from the same pay code.

Assignment view: When selecting multiple lines, they must be from the same expenditure type.

When clearing suspense/sweep transactions, earnings on expenditure type 51610 must be cleared, this includes vacation earnings (SOV/VCR).


  • To view the employee’s labor schedule (as read-only), click the View Labor Schedule icon in the Employee Information section.
  • To drill-down to the payline details, click a value in the Amount column in the Actual Earnings section

The Expenditure Type defaults to the proper expenditure type based on the employee’s job code or the type of pay code being adjusted.

You can override the default Expenditure Type with the 51190 salary cap expenditure type if needed.

When clearing OSA transactions at the Assignment level, the earnings are grouped to 51610. In the transfer to PTA, the system will populate the employee’s salary expenditure type at this stage. Once you are in the Review and Submit page, the expenditure type will be properly applied based on the pay code.

The amount cannot exceed the Unaccounted Balance displayed.

To adjust by percentage, select the % option and enter the percent amount. 

  1. Click Insert
  2. Verify the Unallocated Balance is 0.00
  3. Click Continue or Save & Finish Later

Repeat steps 4-6 to adjust other earnings, if needed.

When adjusting vacation earnings, the Salary on Vacation (SOV) and offsetting Vacation Credit (VCR) entries must be transferred to the same PTA to ensure there are no over/under charges.

When adjusting by percentage, rounding may occur. Place the unallocated balance to the desired PTA line by clicking the Edit icon, change the Adjust By to Amount, modify the amount and then click Insert.


Justifications must provide enough detail to inform approvers about the action(s) taken and to adequately document the transaction for historical and auditing purposes. Just as for a cost transfer through an iJournal, the justification must include who, what, when, where, why and how the costs benefit the PTA to which it is ultimately charged. For additional guidance, see Tips for Writing the Justification on the DoR website.

  1. Once you have entered a justification click Ok

If an error message is displayed:

  • Review the error message
  • Close the Justification window to return to the adjustment page 
  • Fix the errors
  • Click Continue to display the Justification window

The LDA must be submitted within 10 minutes.

  1. Review the adjustment details.
    •  If changes are needed to the adjustment or justification, click Cancel and re-create the adjustment. 
  2. Add approvers or FYIs (optional)
    • Default approvers are selected based on the approval limits granted in Authority Manager for Labor Distribution
    • Self Approvers: Originators with sufficient approval authority for the transfer-to PTA(s) may self approve the transaction unless the debit amount on the PTA is $10,000 or over. In this case, the system assigns a secondary approver
    • End Route Approvers are assigned based on business rules. The adjustment routes to central office staff (i.e., Fund Accounting, Office of Sponsored Research) for additional review and approval
  3. Submit the adjustment for approval, or click Cancel to void the adjustment (once an adjustment has been voided, it cannot be retrieved)

Add an Approver or FYI

  1. Click Add
  2. In the popup window, select Action type: Approver or FYI
  3. Search by name or SUNet ID, select the name from the result list
  4. Click Add 

If desired, modify the approver sequence number.

FYIs must be listed after the approvers.

Replace a Default Approver:

  1. Click the delete icon to delete the row
  2. Click Add 
  3. In the popup window, select Action type: Approver or FYI
    • Search by name or SUNet ID (If needed, use the Financial Approver Query under Resources to identify an authorized approver for the Project-Task.)
  4. Click Add 

Restore Default Approvers:

  1. Click the Reset button
What Happens Next?
  • The originator receives an Oracle Workflow FYI email notification
  • The LDA is routed to approvers in the order assigned in the approver list. The approver has 30 days to approve. After 30 days, the LDA is automatically purged.
  • FYI recipients will receive an email notification with no action required.
  • Monitor the status of the LDA in the At A Glance page. Refer to How To: Manage and View Labor Distribution Adjustments
  • LDAs that are fully approved (including End Route approvals) by 5pm are posted overnight and appear on reports the next day.  Note that there is no LDA posting on Day 5 and Day 6 of Month End Close. Refer to the Month End Close Deadlines for monthly deadlines.
  • Subscribe to the LD Adjuster distribution list to stay informed about changes and updates to Labor Distribution.
Last Updated: Nov 8, 2022


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