• Required for staff who will approve transaction in Oracle Financials such as requisitions and iJournals
  • Required for staff who will be processing transactions or verifying expense reports in iOU
  • Recommended for anyone initiating, reconciling, or reviewing financial transactions

This course is one of three required for staff to be granted authority to approve transactions in Oracle Financials. Topics include:

  • Importance of using Chart of Accounts to track the flow of money in/out of the University
  • The purpose and significance of Chart of Accounts coding
  • The purpose and definition of Awards or Funds
  • Identifying accounts using Project, Task, and Award (PTA)
  • Financial transaction coding using the combined PTAs and Expenditure Types or Object Codes
  • The financial tasks that utilize Chart of Accounts
  • The Oracle Financials modules used to process the related transactions

Web (Self-paced)

Self-paced (approximately 30 minutes)