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Financial Management Services (FMS) continuously strives to improve its products and services to support financial excellence at Stanford. This page serves as a resource for university departments and stakeholders to stay up to date on larger projects that involve a change in policy, process, and/or a system and impact a broad or direct audience groups as noted in the sortable table below. This page is updated regularly as information about new projects becomes available and readiness resources are in place. 

For information about additional recent updates not covered on this page, refer to the ongoing news resources for specific areas:

Many of these projects and enhancements are related to the FMS Client Satisfaction Survey, which is an ongoing conversation with the Stanford community to learn about their experiences with the financial tools, systems, and services that FMS provides. This survey feedback is used to inform strategic initiatives and continuous improvements. 

Once a project is completed, it will be moved to the bottom section for reference.

Upcoming Projects and Enhancements

Timeframe Project name and description Impacted audience and description

2022-09 to 2023-04

(September 2022 - April 2023)

WalkMe Pilot in iProcurement
FMS Financial Learning Solutions team is piloting a new software application with a limited number of iProcurement users that provides guidance to help users effectively navigate work processes and access helpful tips and other learning resources. 
Learn more: WalkMe: A New Interactive Learning Solution to Benefit Financial System Users

iProcurement users
Limited and targeted group of iProcurement users based on usage and roles.

2022-11 to 2023-02

(November 2022 - March 2023)

Cash and Check Deposit Enhancements
Through this multi-phase project, the CASHnet system will be retired and new methods for recording cash and check deposits will be implemented.
Learn more: Cash and Check Deposit Enhancements

CASHNet users
Department depositors and any others involved in the cash and check deposit process.

2022-10-01 to 2023-01-31

(October 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023)

Deadline to Complete FIN-PROG-0103
All current requisition, expense journal, and labor distribution approvers must complete FIN-PROG-0103: Approving Financial Transaction by Jan. 31, 2023 to maintain corresponding approval authorities.
Learn more: Maintain Approval Authority: Take the Approving Financial Transactions Course
Financial Transaction Approvers
Approvers (specifically requisition, expense journal and labor distribution approvers)


(December 19, 2022)

New Statement of Work (SOW) Contract Type Available in SmartMart Contracts
As a continuation of improvements to the contracts process, this new SOW contract type is available for use when a Master Service Agreement (MSA) is already signed between Stanford and the supplier, and a preparer needs to obtain a signature on a Statement of Work document (hereafter SOW document). 
Learn more: Purchasing and Contracts Updates and Hot Topics

Contract preparers


(January 17, 2023)

Lower Limit for Making PTA Changes Outside of PO Change Order Process
In alignment with improved related financial controls within transaction approval, the limit for changing a PTA on a PO without going through the change order process has been reduced from $2,500 to $1,000.
Learn more: Purchasing and Contracts Updates and Hot Topics
Purchase order preparers and approvers


(January 23, 2023)

PTA Manager Enhancement
PTA Manager will be enhanced to close non-sponsored PTA segments. The enhancements would include the ability for users to select individual or multiple PTA segments to close and add an FYI email notification. The system will run data checks to validate the PTA is eligible for closure, process the request, and send email notifications to confirm the stats of the close request. 
Learn more: PTA Manager Enhancement: Closing Non-Sponsored PTAs
PTA Manager users
Users of PTA Manager will be able to initiate request closures of non-sponsored PTA segments.


(January 30, 2023)

Enhanced Visibility Into Supplier Setup Status
A top theme in the 2021 Client Satisfaction Survey was a desire for increased transparency into the setup process so that appropriate action could be taken to expedite the setup. As a result, new and updated status labels are now available in the Supplier Query and Request tool for pending supplier or visitor payee requests. 
Learn more: Enhancements to Support the Supplier Setup Process 
Requestors of supplier setup


(February 20, 2023)

Change to iProcurement Access
Effective February 20, 2023, department authority grantors will begin to grant a new iProcurement authority privilege for new staff to gain access to the iProcurement systems. The privilege requires the completion of a new course, FIN-0420 Preferred Purchasing Methods, to be activated. Existing staff will also need to complete the course within 90 days to maintain access.
Learn more: Change to iProcurement Access: New Course Supports Preferred Purchasing at Stanford

iProcurement system users

Timeframe Project name and description Impacted audience and description


(July 18, 2022)

eReceipts App Launch
This optional app allows Stanford travelers or Purchasing Card (PCard) cardholders to take and upload pictures of business and travel expense receipts with a mobile device, tag them with an expense type, add comments if needed, and share them directly with their preparers and verifiers.
Learn more: Learn More About eReceipts with Live Events and Updated Resources

University travelers and expense request preparers and verifiers


(May 9, 2022)

Annual Certification Required: Financial Stewardship Expectations Course
All existing faculty, staff or students accessing financial systems need to complete the course by May 9, 2022 to maintain access.
Learn more: Annual Certification Required: Take the Financial Stewardship Expectations Course
Faculty, staff or students accessing financial systems


(March 15, 2022)

SmartMart Contracts Launch
The Contracts Process will now begin in SmartMart Contracts, rather than iProcurement Non-Catalog, for all procurement transactions that require Stanford signature (including zero dollar agreements). 
Learn more: SmartMart Contracts - A New Way to Manage Procurement Contracts

Contract preparers


(October 3, 2022)

Improvements to Invoice Hold Notifications
FMS will be updating notifications about the seven most common Accounts Payable (AP) invoice holds to clarify the hold’s purpose and the actions required to release the hold.
Learn more: Purchasing and Contracts Updates and Hot Topics
Staff who process invoices
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