The Labor Distribution Adjustments Enhancement project is an FMS strategic initiative that launched in May 2021. Similar to the Labor Schedules Enhancement project the previous year, this project brings a custom front-end for the Labor Distribution Adjustments (LDA) system, which sits within Oracle Financials. The goal of this project is to significantly improve the user experience, provide more robust functionality and streamline processes to save time. The enhancement is scheduled for launch in February 2022.

The project plan includes opportunities for users across the university to participate in the testing and validation of the new functionality, provide feedback, as well as attend demos and info sessions before and after the launch.

New features and functionality

Feedback from users through past projects, the FMS Client Satisfaction Survey and various other sources included interest in specific enhancements that would improve workflows and increase efficiency.  For this project, the following features will be added to the LDA system:

  • A modern User Interface (UI), consistent and integrated with the recent enhancement to the Labor Schedule system and other Stanford APEX applications
  • An at-a-glance page that:
    • Displays the list of employees in suspense accounts. Users can quickly view this information and initiate the LDA within the same tool. 
    • Displays adjustments submitted by the originator and adjustments awaiting their approval, similar to iJournals.
  • The ability to:
    • Create adjustments by individual
    • Create mass adjustments for multiple employees/job assignments 
    • Upload bulk adjustments from Excel, similar to iJournals and Labor Schedules
  • An improved Approval/FYI screen
  • A new LDA Search Inquiry page (similar to iJournals) that allows users to search and view details of a labor adjustment within their authority scope. This will allow users the ability to search by Originator, Employee, PTA, Batch Name, or HR Assignment Org.
  • An improved OBI labor adjustment report.
What happens next?

Currently, FMS is partnering with UIT to develop the enhancement and begin initial testing. In November, FMS will engage power users from across the university to test the new functionality. Leading up to and following the launch, FMS will provide updated web content, learning resources and live demos of the enhancement to help users get started right away.

Timeline graphic for Labor Distribution Adjustment enhancement project

Learn more

Stay tuned to this announcement page for updates on the project’s progress and for links to new resources and materials to support the change. In addition, you can learn more in the following ways:

  • Subscribe to the Labor Adjusters mailing list through the subscription form.
  • Follow our Slack channel, #Stanford-FMS-news for the latest on this project and more.
  • Contact the project lead, Jason Taloma, Manager, Financial Systems & Reporting.
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