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Process Miscellaneous Types of Receipts

Departments receive a wide variety of receipts, and processing them requires special attention to the specific instructions for each type.  

  • The receipts schools and departments receive fall into specific categories that determine how they are processed and deposited. Refer to Topic Overview: Types of University Receipts for more information.
  • Departments that receive receipts on a regular basis should consult with the Office of the Treasurer (OOT) to arrange the most efficient method for handling receipts.

Process Receipts for Salary, Sick Leave & Disability Reimbursements

  • Reimbursements of salary, sick leave or disability can involve complex tax issues (made even more complex if they cross calendar years). As a result, they should be corrected immediately upon discovery of the overpayment.
  • When reimbursing personal charges made on your travel card, the Expense Request System must be used.

  1. Submit a Support Request for assistance in calculating the net of taxes and benefits for the appropriate repayment amount
  2. Correct the necessary line(s) in Graduate Financial Support (GFS) for student salary repayments

Salary repayments can also occur when Stanford faculty visit another university for an extended period of time, but stay on Stanford's payroll. Stanford bills the other university for the amount of the faculty member's salary and benefits. Any such reimbursement checks should be sent to Payroll.

  1. After receiving the correct repayment amount, deliver the reimbursement check to the Payroll Office with a memo indicating the relevant Employee ID number and PTA to be credited

Payroll Office
Stanford Redwood City
University Hall
485 Broadway Street, MC 8838
Redwood City, CA 94063

  1. For continuing employees, make arrangements with Payroll to deduct the overpayment from future paychecks. Refer to How To: Adjust for Employee Overpayment for more information

Process Receipts for Graduate Stipend Overpayments

  1. The appropriate student services representative should process a correcting transaction in the Graduate Financial Support (GFS) Module for graduate stipend (student aid) overpayments prior to receipt of any repayment

Once the correcting GFS transaction is reflected on the appropriate student's bill:

  1.  Take any repayment check to the Student Services Center (SSC) to be applied directly to the student's account

Student Services Center (SSC)
Tresidder Memorial Union
459 Lagunita Dr #7
Stanford, CA 94305

For postdoc stipend overpayments, the Salary, Sick Leave and Disability Reimbursements steps should be followed.

Process Receipts for Externally Awarded Financial Aid

  1. Deliver payments where an external agency has chosen the specific student to whom the aid should be awarded to Financial Aid Office:

    Financial Aid Office
    355 Galvez Street
    MC: 3021

The Financial Aid Office assigns the aid directly to the correct student within the financial aid system. Contact Financial Aid Office for questions or more information.

Process Receipts for Travel and Other Advance Adjustments

Process Receipts for Patent or Software Licensing Fees

Contact the Office of Technology Licensing for royalty and patent payment questions when patents are held by Stanford's Office of Technology Licensing. Contact Stanford University Press for copyright payment questions when copyrights are held by Stanford.

  • Royalty and patent payments for licenses held by the Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) should be forwarded to:

    Lockbox Address:
    Stanford University

    Office of Technology Licensing
    PO BOX 884440
    LOS ANGELES, CA 90088-4440

  • Copyright payments for items copyrighted by Stanford University Press should be forwarded to:

    425 Broadway St.
    Redwood City, CA 94063-3126
    Mail Code: 8460

Process Receipts for Surplus Property Sales

  • When a department has a piece of working equipment that is of salable quality and no longer needed by any campus department, Surplus Property Sales (SPS) should be notified. SPS will make an attempt to locate a buyer for the equipment.

  1. Confirm the check must:
    • Include sales tax
    • Made payable to Stanford University

For further information on surplus property sales, refer to Administrative Guide Policy 5.2.4: Surplus Property Sales or contact Surplus Property Sales at 650-723-3001.

Last Updated: Jun 8, 2023