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Correct Invalid PTAE/PFO Check Deposit Information Using Deposits and Receipts Manager

Follow these instructions to correct invalid Project, Task, Award, and Expenditure Type (PTAE), or Project, Fund/Award, and Object Code (PFO) information entered when depositing a check using the J.P. Morgan (JPM) Access mobile application (app) so that the deposit can be booked to the correct organization/department account.

Correct Invalid PTAE/PFO Check Deposit Information Using Deposits and Receipts Manager

How will you be notified that a check deposit requires your action? When a check deposit is submitted to the bank using the JPM Access mobile app, a data file is received from the bank by the university which is then validation tested before uploading the deposit to Oracle Financials. 

When an invalid PTAE/PFO has been identified for a deposit transaction, the depositor will receive an email notification advising them of the exception, along with instructions for accessing Deposits and Receipts Manager to correct the error. 

To review expenditure type/object codes and award types that are not allowed for mobile check deposits, see Resource: Blocked Mobile Check Deposit Expenditure Type/Object Codes and Award Types

  1. Enter in the browser
  2. Select Login
  3. As prompted, log in using SUNet ID and Password
  4. Select SU CM Deposits and Receipts Manager from the Oracle Financials Navigator panel
  5. Select Correct Mobile Deposit tile

The email notification sent to the originator indicates which deposit cannot be processed due to invalid PTAE/PFO account information. 

  1. Enter search criteria from the options included in the Search section:
    • Deposit Date From and Deposit Date To
    • Originator
    • Check/Bank Transaction Number
    • Amount From $ and Amount To $
    Entering more specific search criteria will narrow the search results. 
  2. Select Search
  3. Locate your check deposit in the Correct Mobile Deposits section
    Image of Correct Mobile Deposit search page

  1. Confirm that the check deposit details match the email notification received
  2. Review the Error Message to confirm which part of the Invalid PTAE or Invalid PFO needs to be corrected

The originator can correct their own check deposits, or they can designate others in the same department to take action. No approval is required. An audit trail will be displayed to show who submitted the claim.

  1. Select the pencil icon in the Action column for the check deposit requiring user action
  2. Select the Claim Type (PTAE or PFO) in the pop up box and follow the prompts to enter the required accounting information
    1. If choosing PTAE, enter the corrected Project, Task, Award, and Expenditure Type code
    2. If choosing PFO, enter the corrected Project, Fund/Award, and Object Code
  3. Click Submit
Image of Correct Mobile Deposit pop-up window showing where to enter PTAE/PFO information
What Happens Next?
  • Once the correct account codes have been validated, the deposits will be booked to the corrected PTAE/PFO the next business day. 
  • The originator of the check deposit, and if applicable a designee who performed the correction on behalf of the originator, will receive an email indicating that the deposit successfully booked to the department PTAE/PFO entered in Deposits and Receipts Manager and the check deposit is available in OBI financial reports. 
  • Any deposit corrections made during month-end close will be posted and reflected in OBI when the new month is open in Oracle Financials. For more information, please refer to Topic Overview: Month-End Close and Resource: Month-End Close Deadlines.
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2024