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J.P. Morgan Access Mobile Deposits

Use the J.P. Morgan (JPM) Access mobile application (app) to deposit a check or money order made payable to the university using a cell phone or tablet device that supports app downloads. Ensuring that university funds are deposited timely and appropriately supports your obligation as a financial steward of university resources. To learn about alternative options for making cash and check deposits, see Topic Overview: Deposit Cash and Checks.

Some categories of university receipts should not be processed using the JPM Access mobile app (e.g., gift and sponsored award checks, return of personal expenses charged to a Stanford Travel Card (TCard), return of unused advance funds, or refunds for Accounts Payable invoice overpayments). Refer to Topic Overview: Types of University Receipts for more information on how to process these receipts. 

The Mobile Deposits Correction Tool and the Unidentified Receipts and Branch Deposits website have been combined into the new Deposits and Receipts Manager. The new system allows users to a) correct J.P. Morgan (JPM) mobile app deposit accounting information, and b) claim branch deposits and unidentified university receipts directly to either a Project, Task, Award and Expenditure Type (PTAE) or Project, Fund/Award and Object Code (PFO). Learn more about the new system on the Fingate news announcement.

There are several tools available to support using the JPM Access mobile app for check and money order deposits at Stanford. Understanding the purpose of each tool will help you successfully deposit checks and money orders and manage any deposits that require additional action.  

J.P. Morgan Access (App)

Used for:

  • Scanning and submitting check or money order deposits to the bank
  • Providing PTAE/PFO information for automated booking to Oracle Financials
  • Viewing deposit status and history (last 14 days)

J.P. Morgan Access (Website)

Used for:

  • Viewing long-term deposit archive (up to 10 years)
  • Managing deposits that require user action (e.g., duplicate checks, closed bank account, etc.)

Stanford Deposits and Receipts Manager

Used for:

  • Correcting invalid PTAE/PFO account information submitted with a mobile deposit

To submit mobile deposits using J.P. Morgan Access, the Office of the Treasurer (OOT) must establish you as a J.P. Morgan Access user and you must download and register the J.P. Morgan Access mobile app. 

Step 1:  Request J.P. Morgan Access and complete user setup

  1. To request mobile deposit user access, submit a support request to OOT
  2. Once you have completed required training (FIN-PROG-0020: Financial Stewardship Expectations), OOT will complete the set up request and you will receive a welcome email including your username and instructions for logging into the J.P. Morgan Access website to set up your password.
Image of the Welcome to J.P. Morgan Access email

Step 2: Install the J.P. Morgan Access mobile app

  • Visit the Google App store on your cell phone or tablet device
  • Visit the Apple App store on your cell phone or tablet device

Your cell phone or tablet device must support app downloads.

Image of the J.P. Morgan Access app download from the Apple App Store

Step 3: Login and register device

  1. Open the J.P. Morgan Access mobile app from your cell phone or tablet device
  2. Enter your J.P. Morgan Access User ID and Password (from Step 1 B. above)
  3. Select Send Code (Code will be sent to your email address)
  4. Enter the code and select Register Device
Image of the J.P. Morgan Access mobile app login and register device screens


Important Account Registration and Activation Details:

  1. Please be advised that you will be asked to register your device again for software updates, when sharing a device, and every 60 days.
  2. If you choose to use the biometric authentication feature and need any assistance, please contact J.P. Morgan Access Support at 1-866-872-3321.
  3. JPM mobile app users must log into the application every 90 days in order to avoid their account from being automatically and permanently deleted. Once you log in to ensure your account remains active, a check deposit is not required. If you do not remember your password, contact JPM Access Support at 1-866-872-3321 to reset your password before you intend to log in or visit from your computer’s browser and click on the “forgot password” button.
  4. In the event that your account is deleted, you will lose the ability to deposit checks from your mobile device and access to your deposit history. To reactivate your User ID, you will need to submit a support request.
  5. If you no longer require access to the JPM mobile app or no longer manage check deposits, please submit a support request to remove your access.

This annual, online certification course describes your obligations as a financial steward of university resources. It is required for gaining access to the J.P. Morgan Access app/website to submit and manage mobile deposits, and Oracle Financials Deposits and Receipts Manager to correct deposits with invalid PTAE/PFO information.

Last Updated: Mar 7, 2024


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