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Deposits and Receipts Manager

The Deposits and Receipts Manager system within Oracle Financials is used to facilitate proper accounting of incoming university receipts. This includes receipt of cash, checks (including money orders), ACH and wire transfers.Certain types of receipts require special processing (e.g., gift and sponsored award checks, return of personal expenses charged to a Stanford Travel Card (TCard), return of unused advance funds, or refunds for Accounts Payable invoice overpayments). Refer to Topic Overview: Types of University Receipts for more information on how to process these receipts.

Learn how Deposits and Receipts Manager is being launched on the Fingate news announcement.

The Deposits and Receipts Manager system is used for:

If you require access to the Deposits and Receipts Manager system in Oracle Financials, you will need to:

This online certification course describes your obligations as a financial steward of university resources. It is required for gaining access to Deposits and Receipts Manager and requires annual recertification to maintain access.

  • OBI Dashboard: Revenue and Funds Management (RFM)
    • The Revenue and Fund Management (RFM) Dashboard displays information about revenue and fund management including details on fund statements, journals, transfers, fund trends, trial balances, fund variances, budget variances, budget transactions, endowments and donor pledges. 
Last Updated: Feb 25, 2024


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