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J.P. Morgan Access Mobile Check Deposit Statuses and Processing Times

This resource provides an understanding of J.P. Morgan (JPM) Access mobile check deposit statuses and their definitions, as well as the timing of when check deposit information is included in Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) financial reports. Learn About: J.P. Morgan Access Mobile Check Deposits.

Understanding deposit statuses and definitions will help the depositor to determine appropriate actions and understand when deposit information will show in OBI financial reports. 

Statuses and Definitions
JPM Access Mobile App Capture History Screen 

The deposit is in transit to J.P. Morgan (JPM). The status will change to Deposited when the check information has been processed by JPM.

Requires User Action
The deposit has errors. The depositor is required to go to the JPM Access website to understand and respond to the error. 

The deposit is successful. The status may change depending upon bank validation.

The deposit is rejected by the bank due to various reasons (e.g., duplicate checks, closed bank account).

Depositor did not take the required action in a timely manner. The deposit is voided and the depositor is required to start check capture from the beginning. See How to: Make a Mobile Check Deposit Using the J.P. Morgan Access Mobile App.

Image of the J.P. Morgan Access mobile app Cature History screen


The status and details of a check deposited using the JPM Access mobile application (app) can be viewed from the app for the last 14 days, and from the JPM Access website for up to 10 years. 

To view deposit status and details from the JPM Access mobile app:

  1. Select View your deposit history
  2. Tap on a transaction to view deposit details including deposit status
  3. View Deposit Details

User must click the check image to view PTAE/PFO information entered with the deposit. 

Image of the J.P. Morgan mobile app screens for viewing deposit history and details

To view check deposit status and details greater than 14 days and up to 10 years, see How to: View and Manage Mobile Check Deposits Using the J.P. Morgan Access Website.

Deposit Information in OBI Financial Reporting

The day of the week that a check shows as “Deposited” in the JPM Access app or website, will determine when the check deposit will be included in Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) financial reports. Deposits processed before 7 p.m. Monday through Friday will show in OBI reports two days later and deposits processed on Saturday or Sunday will show in OBI reports the following Wednesday.

Deposit Day (for deposits before 7 p.m. PT)
Day Deposit Will Show in OBI
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Saturday
Friday Sunday
Saturday Wednesday
Sunday Wednesday


PTAE/PFO Corrections

When a mobile check deposit is submitted using an invalid Project, Task, Award, and Expenditure Type (PTAE), or Project, Fund/Award, and Object Code (PFO), the originator will receive an email notification with instructions to correct the error using Deposits and Receipts Manager. Deposit PTAE/PFO corrections submitted daily before 5 p.m. PT will be reflected in OBI reports the following day.

Any deposits or deposit corrections made during Month-End Close will be posted and reflected in OBI reports when the new month is open in Oracle Financials. For more information, see Topic Overview: Month-End Close and Resource: Month-End Close Deadlines.

Last Updated: Feb 26, 2024


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