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Make a Mobile Deposit Using the J.P. Morgan Access Mobile App

Follow these instructions to deposit a check or money order made payable to Stanford University using the J.P. Morgan (JPM) Access mobile application (app) from a cell phone or tablet device that supports app downloads.

Some categories of university receipts should not be processed using the JPM Access mobile app (e.g., gift and sponsored award checks, return of personal expenses charged to a Stanford Travel Card (TCard), return of unused advance funds, or refunds for Accounts Payable invoice overpayments). Refer to Topic Overview: Types of University Receipts for more information on how to process these receipts.

Make a Mobile Deposit Using the J.P. Morgan Access Mobile App

To deposit checks or money orders using the JPM Access mobile app, the Office of the Treasurer (OOT) must establish you as a J.P. Morgan Access user and you must download and register the J.P. Morgan Access mobile app. Learn about getting access to J.P. Morgan Access

  1. Open the J.P. Morgan Access mobile app from your cell phone or tablet device
  2. Enter your User ID and Password 
Image of J.P. Morgan Access mobile app log in screen

Please be advised that you will be asked to register your device again for software updates, when sharing a device, and every 60 days. See Step 3 of getting access

  1. Select Home, then select Capture 
    U.S. Dollar (USD) totals on the home screen reflect the Stanford JPM bank account total, not the school/department group total.
  2. Select Start Capturing
  3. Select the Deposit To account
    Image of J.P. Morgan Access mobile app screens to start capturing check deposit

  1. Select Start Capture 
    You will be assigned to a group that belongs to your school/department.
  2. Capture check or money order front 
    If you have issues using the auto capture feature, try switching to AUTO OFF and capture the image manually.
  3. Capture check or money order back 
    The back of the check or money order should be endorsed to include “For Deposit Only to Stanford University.” If you need an endorsement stamp, please submit a support request to OOT to request a stamp without a specific bank account number. Include your department and location to send the stamp in the support request.
    Image of J.P. Morgan screens for capturing a check

  1. Enter a Project, Task, Award, and Expenditure Type (PTAE), or ProjectFund/Award, and Object Code (PFO), and Description

    All fields are required and only valid PTAE/PFO information will be processed. If entering a PFO, enter “1” in the Task field. Invalid PTAE/PFO information will require additional user action to correct the PTAE/PFO using Deposits and Receipts Manager. When in doubt, please confirm the accurate PTAE/PFO with your department financial analyst or finance manager.

    You can only use one PTAE/PFO for a single mobile deposit. If you need to allocate the deposit to multiple PTAE or PFO accounts, create an iJournal entry once the deposit has been processed.

  2. Ensure the amount is correct, edit as needed, and then select Submit 
    The amount is auto-populated during the capture using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. If the amount is captured incorrectly, select the amount and manually enter the correct amount. The other fields (e.g., Payment Serial Number, Routing Number, Account Number, and Control Number) cannot be changed. 
    Ignore Reference Text and Reference Data fields as this information will not flow through to Oracle Financials.
  1. Confirm Capture was submitted message received
    You can only submit one check or money order per deposit. If you have more than one check or money order to deposit, select Done and Capture another Transaction (repeat steps 2-4 above).
    Image of J.P. Morgan screens for entering and submitting deposit account information
What Happens Next?

If you encounter a deposit error on the JPM Access mobile app due to damaged checks (e.g., MICR line cannot be read), money orders or foreign checks, please bring to the Wells Fargo branch for deposit. There is NO J.P. Morgan desktop scanner or J.P. Morgan branch set up for Stanford depositors.

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2024