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Link or Unlink Gift Transmittal

A gift transmittal must be completed for each allocation of a gift that is to be distributed among multiple departments or accounts. Each gift transmittal tied to the same gift must be linked in the Gift Transmittals system. Linked gift transmittals can be viewed using the Workflow tab.

Link or Unlink Gift Transmittals

  • Make sure a gift transmittal has been completed for each allocation.
  • Gather the information for all gift transmittals to be linked.

  1. Enter in the browser
  2. Select Login
  3. As prompted, log in using SUNet ID and password

  1. Select SU Gift User
  2. Select Gift Processing
  3. Read the Gift Transmittals Confidentiality Agreement
  4. Select Proceed

From Gifts Home Page
  1. Under the Gifts Requiring Your Action section, find the gift transmittal record
    • Select Next to page through the records, if needed
  2. Select the Transmittal Id link that requires your action
Using Gift Inquiry
  1. Select Gift Inquiry from top left menu
  2. Enter information about the gift at the top of the page as search criteria 
  3. Select Search 
  4. From the Gift Transmittal Form column, select the Gift Transmittal ID number

Link Gift Transmittals
  1. Select Link Gift Transmittals 
  2. Enter search criteria
  3. Select Search
  4. Select the checkbox next to each Gift Transmittal(s) to which the gift needs to link
  5. Select Apply Changes
  6. Confirm your selection was added to the Transmittals Currently Linked to... section of the Link to Gift Transmittals tab
  7. Select Gift Transmittal Workflow to return to the Workflow page
Unlink Gift Transmittals
  1. In the Transmittals Currently Linked to... section of the Link to Gift Transmittals tab, select the Unlink checkbox next to the Gift Transmittal(s) you wish to unlink
  2. Select Apply Changes
  3. Confirm your selection was removed from the Transmittals Currently Linked to... section
Last Updated: Jul 3, 2020


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