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Authorized Authority Grantors for Gift Transmittals System

Proper authority must be granted to access the Gift Transmittals system. If you have not been granted authority over the org chosen for the gift fund, you cannot see or access a transmittal. When no approvers have been granted authority for an org, there will be no approvers available for selection when submitting a gift transmittal. Authorized authority grantors can grant or revoke authority to a user for your school or department and approvers for an org. The following table lists authorized authority grantors for Gift User and Gift Approver roles.
Note: New users in the Office of Development (OOD) will be granted OOD Authority in Gift Transmittals by Development Services.

Authorized Authority Grantors by School/Department

Level 2 – Parent Code and Description Grantor
AAAA – Offices of the President and Provost Rhonda Marsh
AART – Vice President for the Arts Mimi Wai
AGBS – Hoover Institution Claudia Hubbard
AHYA – SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Kari Horwath
DAAA – Office of the Vice President for Development Daphna Davidson
DLBA – Stanford Alumni Association Harsha Vyas
DZZZ – Stanford Sierra Camp LLC Harsha Vyas
FDLI – Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Bernadette Liu
FPTL – Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning Anne Marie Kodama
HAAA – Vice Provost for Student Affairs Ruth Wei Chang
JAAA – Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources Sonia Lee
LAAA – Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation Wayne Robke
MAAA – Vice Provost and Dean of Research Bev Redfield Currie
PAAA – School of Humanities and Sciences

Blake Grenier

RAAA – School of Engineering Jamie Willmes
TAAA – Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability Amy Balsom
TFAA – Graduate School of Education Olivia Crawford
TMVZ – Law School Marah Herbach
UAAA – Graduate School of Business Wayne Robke
UMAA – Vice Provost for Graduate Education Rebecca Jantzen
VAAA – School of Medicine Elena Gheorghe
Last Updated: May 31, 2023


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