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Complete the Conflict of Interest Task in Gift Transmittals

Faculty recipients of gifts may be required to complete a Conflict of Interest (COI) task in the Outside Professional Activities Certification System (OPACS). The Gift Transmittals system will determine if a COI Form is required from the faculty member based on the information in the completed gift transmittal, and generate a COI task in the workflow. Once the COI is completed in the OPACS, the Gift Transmittals system will be notified, and the transmittal will move forward.

Complete the Conflict of Interest Task

Faculty recipients are not necessarily Gift Transmittals users. The faculty recipient, however, should receive an email notification, directing them to the OPACS to complete the COI. The transmittal cannot move forward until this step is completed. If the 'Complete COI Screening/Disclosure' task in the Gift Transmittals system has been pending for too long, instruct faculty members to follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in using your SUNet ID and password

  1. Complete COI task per instructions on the site
What Happens Next?
  • The response of the faculty recipient is recorded in OPACS, and will be sent automatically to the Gift Transmittals system. 
  • Visit the DoResearch website for the COI school contacts.
Last Updated: Jul 9, 2020


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