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Claim Unidentified Receipts and Branch Deposits

Receipts refer to the state or act of receiving or collecting money for the payment of goods or services within a specific period. It also includes money received as a gift or donation, or as a grant from a public or private agency. 

Unidentified Receipts and Branch Deposits are incoming funds received in the university’s bank account that cannot be automatically reconciled and applied back to a specific department or an organization. Unidentified Receipts occur when the Office of the Treasurer (OOT) is unable to match a receipt transaction with valid remittance details (such as a PTA or recipient department). The receipt cannot be applied to the proper organization without these details. Unidentified Receipts can be transferred to Stanford by check, ACH, or wire.

The Unidentified Receipts and Branch Deposits website allows users to locate and claim unapplied receipts in a timely fashion. Users will need to have an active SUNet ID to access the portal. Ensure employees are trained to use the Unidentified Receipts site to claim receipts of deposits and electronic payments and enter the correct Project, Fund and Object Code identifying where the receipt should be booked. For further details regarding access and instructions, review How To: Claim Unidentified Receipts and Branch Deposits. Refer to Topic Overview: Deposit Cash and Checks for more information on deposit methods and processes.

To ensure incoming electronic payments made to the university are properly identified and booked, refer to Topic Overview: Incoming Wire Transfer and ACH Payment.

“5” series PTAs

The Unidentified Receipts and Branch Deposits Oracle site currently does not accept an expenditure type/ code that begins with a “5” to claim funds. Receipts for 5 series PTAs will need to use a two step process. First book the transaction(s) to an alternative Project, Award, and Object code (non 5 series such as a clearing account) and then create an iJournal to allocate the funds where needed. OOT is not able to advise on what Project, Award, and Object code to use as an alternative. It is recommended that departments use a clearing account Object code if they have one.

Claiming the receipt

Object codes that represent revenue generally begin with a 4xxxx. To determine which object code to use when claiming a deposit, please refer to Find Existing Object Codes.

When a receipt is claimed for an award, an email will be sent to the award owner for review and approval of the iJournal in Oracle Financials. The revenue journal and fund transfer approval hierarchy in Authority Manager will be used to identify the approver. Oracle workflow starts looking for an approver for the specific Fund/Award (Level 1 below) and then continues to subsequent levels as needed until an authorized approver is identified.

If the claim is approved, an automated transaction will be generated in Oracle and the receipt will be viewable in Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Financial reports the next business day. If the claim is rejected, the status of the receipt in Unidentified Receipts and Branch Deposits will change from "In Process" to available for "Claim."

Note: While depositing a check with a deposit slip is optional at the branch, it is preferred and beneficial to the depositor not to use a slip. The deposit details will be easier to identify in the Unidentified Receipts and Branch Deposits website under the Originator description field. However, the use of a deposit slip will only populate the field as “DEPOSIT”, requiring the depositor to search based on dollar amount, date, or other factors. When no deposit slip is used, the bank branch location and time of the deposit will appear on the Unidentified Receipts and Branch Deposits website.

For assistance with claiming missing and/or unidentified funds, submit a support request.

Unclaimed receipts

Receipts that have not been claimed for two years or more will be transferred to the General Fund. Claims may still be made by submitting a support request to OOT with documentation to show award ownership, amount and date of receipt and the GL information (Project, Task, Award, Expenditure Type or Object Code) to book the receipts.

Once claimed, posted receipts should be reviewed in Oracle OBI reports at least once per month (OBI dashboard on Revenue and Fund Management Reporting and OBI dashboard on Consolidated Expenditure Reporting).

Payment Services maintains the Unidentified Checks database that lists unidentified checks specifically for Travel Card personal expense refunds, returns of unused Advance Funds, and refunds towards an Accounts Payable invoice. The Unidentified Receipts currently does not accept expenditure codes beginning with 48 and 58 as well as salary codes are restricted.

Claiming the receipt

Departments who identify a check in the database should submit a support request to get assistance from Payment Services.

Last Updated: Aug 1, 2023