Quartzy, a lab inventory management software and lab supplies provider, has offered Stanford users direct access to their services and supplies through their website for the past 10 years. The inventory management services were offered free of charge while the lab supplies could be purchased by Stanford users directly from Quartzy through non-catalog methods such as purchase requisitions. 

What is changing

Quartzy recently announced plans to change to a new licensing fee structure for their inventory management services, which would require departments to pay to continue to use their product. Stanford Financial Management Services’ Procurement Services department, in coordination with University IT (UIT), negotiated with Quartzy and came to a university-wide agreement, whereby individual labs, departments, and schools will not need to pay a fee to use Quartzy's software and Quartzy will be added as a punch-out supplier in SmartMart Catalog Suppliers. This change means that their products and inventory management software are now accessible by “punching out'' to their SmartMart Catalog Suppliers website, as indicated below:

  • Purchase lab supplies: Both new and current users will access the Quartzy punch-out to purchase lab supplies instead of through non-catalog methods. As a reminder, purchasing through SmartMart Catalog Suppliers provides efficiencies such as repeat ordering and a streamlined invoice and payment process. 
  • Access Quartzy’s lab inventory management services:
    • Current users should now access their existing accounts through Quartzy’s punch-out instead of directly through Quartzy’s website.
    • New users can access the Quartzy punch-out to create a new account and subsequently create a new lab or join an existing lab to utilize the lab inventory management services.

Actions required

Current users of Quartzy:

Current users can begin accessing Quartzy through SmartMart Catalog Suppliers, which is located within the Oracle Financials’ iProcurement system. Access to Stanford’s purchasing systems requires appropriate training and authority privileges. Current users who do not have access to iProcurement, must follow the instructions below:

  • Complete the FIN-0420: Preferred Purchasing Methods course and its prerequisites, which are required to access iProcurement, including SmartMart Catalog Suppliers. 
  • To support the transition, FMS will ensure that all current Quartzy users were auto-granted the SU Internet Procurement authority privilege on Nov. 27. This is typically done so by the school or department authority managers through Authority Manager. The authority privilege will remain in “Pending” status until the above course requirements have been completed.
  • Please note: Current Quartzy users who are students and post-grads were also auto-granted the SU Internet Procurement authority on Nov. 27. Along with the auto-granted authority privilege, students and post-grads require an additional step to access iProcurement. To request student access to Oracle Financials, please submit a support request
  • Refer to Quartzy’s user guide on how to access an existing account through the Quartzy punch-out or Quartzy’s user guide on how to use the punch-out to purchase lab supplies.
  • For help with financial training, please submit a support request

To allow time for completing any outstanding courses without impeding business operations, current users have been able to directly log into the Quartzy website outside of SmartMart. In the coming months however, access to the Quartzy website will be removed for current users to support the transition to Quartzy's SmartMart Catalog Suppliers punch-out.

New users of Quartzy: 

After completing the steps required to access iProcurement, including having their school or unit grant the SU Internet Procurement authority privilege using the Authority Manager application, new users should follow instructions to set up a new account with Quartzy’s SmartMart Catalog Suppliers punch-out. Refer to Quartzy’s user guide on how to access Quartzy’s lab inventory management software for the first time. 

For questions regarding this change, please submit a support request

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