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Many students, post-doctoral scholars, faculty and staff travel on behalf of Stanford. To be reimbursed for this travel, travelers and travel arrangers must follow university policy; in most cases airfare, hotels, and car rentals for university-sponsored travel must be booked through a Stanford Travel booking channel.

This article provides helpful guidance on several common questions that the Travel Team receives about booking travel. For recent business expense updates, visit Business Expense Updates and Hot Topics. For Purchasing and Contracts updates, visit Purchasing and Contracts Updates and Hot Topics.

For general help with the Stanford Travel program, policy, or reimbursements, please submit a support request. To speak with a member of the Stanford Travel team about travel booking questions, please call 1-650-497-1214, Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PST.

Added July 2022

As a part of Stanford Travel's ongoing promotions, travelers who book flights using Stanford Travel booking channels and include their airline, hotel, and car rental loyalty membership numbers, i.e., frequent flyer numbers, can be entered to win monthly travel prizes from August 1 to December 15, 2022. Prizes include airline club passes, hotel stays, and more!

Follow the instructions on how to add loyalty membership numbers in your reservation for Egencia and FCM

For tickets already issued, travelers must contact the airline directly to add their loyalty number to the reservation.

Added July 2022

he optional eReceipts app allows Stanford travelers or Purchasing Card (PCard) cardholders to take and upload pictures of business and travel expense receipts with a mobile device, tag them with an expense type, add comments if needed, and share them directly with their preparers and verifiers. 

In response to feedback from users, the eReceipts app rolls out to campus with enhanced features:

  • Reduced the number of expense type options displayed for TCard and personal expenses
  • Provided a drop-down menu to view expense types more easily on a mobile device
  • Added a help link to the top of the mobile device screen used to add receipt

Learn more about the app, check out updated resources and join a live demo on the eReceipts news page.

Updated July 2022

The Stanford Travel team has eliminated or reduced fees for agent-assisted booking on both the Egencia and FCM booking channels. The team took this step to make agent assistance more cost effective at Stanford and reduce the administrative burden of expensing Stanford-sponsored travel.

Travelers and travel arrangers may book Stanford-sponsored travel on the Egencia booking channel either online or through an agent. Until now, fees for agent-assisted bookings (for airfare, hotel, car rental, and more) could be as high as $33, but there is no fee for agent-assisted bookings made on or after July 6, 2022.

Airline booking fees have also been reduced from $40 to $25 for the FCM booking channel as of July 6. FCM specializes in small groups and complex travel booked exclusively through an agent.

To see the new fee structure, visit the Travel Management Fee Schedule on Fingate. For reference, the old fee structure will also remain published at this link until the fall.

Note:  Egencia fees will still apply for Savings Finder and Meetings travel.

Added June 2022

On select routes within California, Stanford Travel partner Alaska Airlines is now offering free stand-by upgrades to premium and first class seats. This benefit applies to all university-sponsored travel booked through Egencia or FCM (Stanford Travel) booking channels. If available, Stanford travelers will be upgraded 90 minutes before departure time. No additional steps are required to receive the seat upgrade.

To learn more, please see the Alaska Airlines flyer. (If requested, sign in with your Stanford email address ( to access this flyer.)

To stay updated on other  travel promotions, events, and news, follow the Stanford Travel Slack channel #fms-stanford-travel.

Updated June 2022

Stanford-negotiated rates for United flights are available for United MileagePlus members who enroll in United Corporate Direct (UCD) and book on or the United app. United Corporate Direct discounts apply to United flights only. Note that car rentals and hotels must be booked through the Egencia and FCM booking channels, not UCD.

For more information, visit the United Corporate Direct Resource page.

Added May 2022

Airbnb is no longer supporting the Stanford Airbnb for Work product. However, Stanford travelers may still use their Airbnb for Work accounts (or personal Airbnb account) to book lodging for university-sponsored travel. For questions, travelers must contact Airbnb directly through their Help Center.

Non-hotel lodging, such as Airbnb, is exempt from the Stanford Travel booking policy.

Added May 2022

Starting May 3, 2023, passengers must show a REAL ID, a REAL ID-compliant Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL), or a passport to board domestic flights. For students who fly domestically, this means that they will need this identification to fly home after the coming academic year.

A REAL ID is available from the state’s driver’s licensing agency. To learn more about the REAL ID, visit the Department of Homeland Security’s REAL ID Frequently Asked Questions webpage.  

When traveling for Stanford University, all documentation, such as airline tickets, must match the identification you are using for travel, e.g., passport or government issued ID. To change the name in your travel profile to match your identification, follow the steps in How to Change Travel Profile Name for Stanford University Travelers.

Occasionally, a group of up to 10 travelers may want to book a trip via the Stanford Travel booking channels. For example, family members may accompany those traveling on Stanford university-sponsored business (as personal travel), or colleagues may want to travel together. This article describes how to book travel for small groups using the Stanford Travel booking channels.

Note: To book travel for groups of 10 or more travelers, contact the group department of the applicable Stanford booking channels directly.


Egencia is an option if those traveling:

  • Have different itineraries,
  • Are all adults, and
  • Do not need to be booked together on a single record

The Egencia online booking tool is not configured for multiple travelers to be booked together on the same reservation. With separate reservations, the group may be separated in the event of any flight disruption. Children in the group who are 14 years old or younger and booked on a flight without an adult will be flagged by the airline as an unaccompanied minor.

Stanford travelers can book accompanying individuals with an Egencia agent after creating a guest profile template. For details on guest profiles, visit How to Book and Manage Guest Travel in Egencia. To learn more, visit Stanford Travel Booking Channels: Egencia. Agent fees may apply.


FCM is the best option for group travel as their full service travel agents can book multiple travelers on the same reservation. This will limit the risk of being seated separately on the aircraft, being separated in the event of any flight disruptions, and can allow extending applicable loyalty benefits, such as preferred seating and priority boarding, to accompanying travelers. To learn more, visit Stanford Travel Booking Channels: FCM (Formerly Casto). Agent fees may apply.


For student groups, visit the StudentUniverse group travel webpage to learn more. Students traveling together can contact the StudentUniverse group travel associate.

When you are ready to book the travel, contact:

  • Suzi Perlman

To learn more about StudentUniverse, visit Stanford Travel Booking Channels: StudentUniverse.

United Corporate Direct

Only the Mileage Plus account holder can book travel with United Corporate Direct. Additional travelers must be booked via a different booking source. To learn more, visit Stanford Travel Booking Channels: United Corporate Direct.

Related Questions or Resources

If Assistance Required

Submit a support request.

As a travel arranger you will have the ability to manage travel for others who have a current Egencia travel profile.

  • For a traveler to add an arranger, follow these steps.
  • To request to be an arranger for a traveler, follow these steps.  

If the traveler is not able to complete the approval for the request, please submit a support request. Please note, Stanford Travel will copy the traveler on the support request for passive approval. Stanford Travel is available: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (PST)

Step 1

  1. Log in to Egencia with your SUNet ID and password.
  2. Select the traveler's name from the traveler field.
Select traveler's name from the traveler field

Step 2

  • Book travel per the normal booking process.

Step 3

  1. Complete traveler information and payment details. This will auto populate from the traveler's profile but can be updated here if necessary.
  2. Add traveler and arranger email addresses to notifications so each will get a copy of the confirmation details.
Traveler Information and Payment


Payment and Traveler and Arranger Emails

Related Questions or Resources

If assistance required

Submit a support request

A guest profile template is used to book guests or affiliates who do not have a SUNet ID. These bookings can be made via a guest profile template. (Stanford faculty, staff, students and postdoctoral scholars already have Egencia profiles and should not be booked using the guest profile template.) To book on behalf of another Stanford traveler refer to How to Manage Travel for Others as a Travel Arranger in Egencia.

Guest Profile Template Details

To access the details of your Egencia guest profile template, log in to Egencia with your SUNet ID and password and navigate to your guest profile template (Guest of) per below:

Egencia Guest Profile Template

Please do not change the email address. This needs to remain the same email address as the individual who manages this profile. You can add additional email accounts under Notifications if you want another individual to receive email alerts when guest travel is booked.

The custom data fields match the travel arranger’s custom data fields and should not be changed and therefore are locked.

Viewing Guest Unused Tickets

If guest travel has been canceled, unused tickets will be stored in the guest profile template under Payment Type, per below:

Unused tickets in the guest profile template

Viewing Active, Past and Canceled Guest Travel

Search for individual traveler trip details using First Name and Surname field.

Search using first name and surname field


Step 1

  1. Log in to Egencia with your SUNet ID and password.
  2. Select your guest profile template (Guest of) in the traveler search bar.
Select Guest Profile template in traveler search bar

Step 2

  • Book travel components as per normal booking process.

Step 3

  1. Enter guest traveler’s information as per the government issued identification they will use for travel.
  2. Enter payment details.
  3. Confirm booking.

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If assistance required

Submit a support request

Enterprise offers a process for paying for rental cars for guests booked in Egencia. By creating an Enterprise rental car direct billing agreement, the traveler can rent a car without needing to pay for the rental with their personal credit card. The department Travel Card will be charged by Enterprise for the rental charges when the car is returned to the drop off location. Please note that this direct billing agreement is only available to pay for rental charges at North American locations.

Step 1

Step 2

  •  Submit a support request and attach the completed Enterprise Stanford Agreement Form.
  •  Within 2-3 business days, a billing agreement number will be generated and documented in the support request and communicated to you via the Support Request.
    • Stanford Travel is available: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (PST)

Step 3

       Booking a Rental Car with Enterprise Rent-A-Car:

  1. Proceed to book the rental car as per normal booking process via Egencia.
  2. Once you land on the final confirmation page, select Direct Bill. It will then prompt you to put in the direct bill agreement number.

Related Questions or Resources

If assistance required

Submit a support request

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