In August 2023, Egencia launched a new Guest Registration Template feature to enhance the guest booking process, replacing the legacy "Guest of" profile. All active Egencia guest travel arrangers were notified via email of this change at that time, receiving instructions to ensure a smooth transition to the new process. In early January 2024, all legacy “Guest of” profiles were deactivated, and active guest arrangers were notified that they would be required to use the new Guest Registration Template process moving forward. The new Guest Registration Template process is now available to all campus users.

Why did the guest booking process change?

The new Egencia guest booking process eases the administrative burden of guest travel arrangers by enabling their guest travelers to create their own travel profiles and make their own travel arrangements (if the appropriate Egencia access permissions have been granted). Guest travel arrangers who manage travel on behalf of the guest can do so with a simple one-time profile creation.

How the guest booking process works now

In order to arrange travel for a guest in Egencia, a travel arranger must first request a Guest Registration Template by submitting a support request to the Stanford Travel team. Once created, the template allows a guest arranger to invite guests to create their own profile and book travel on their own or with the assistance of an Egencia travel agent. The guest arranger can also book on behalf of the guest. The guest can then use the guest profile until it expires or has been manually disabled by the travel arranger. Multiple guest profiles can be made under a single template. To learn more about this process, please visit How to Setup and Manage Guest Travel Profiles in Egencia.

To ensure that the Travel team has time to create the Guest Registration Template, please request it several days ahead of your planned travel. It may take one to two business days to activate a template.

The Stanford Travel team continues to respond to feedback on the new process and is working closely with Egencia to enhance the guest booking experience. For example, the team is currently working on improving access to central billing accounts and eliminating the need to enter date of birth for hotel only reservations. To submit feedback on the new process, please complete a support request for the Travel team to review.


  • As of January 2024, any legacy “Guest of” Guest Profile has been deactivated and any future guest travel must be booked using the new Guest Registration Template process.
  • The Egencia guest booking process is designed for guests of Stanford, and should not be used to book Stanford staff, faculty, students, and affiliates with a SUNet ID. For information on how to arrange travel for these individuals, please visit How to Manage Travel for Others in Egencia.

For questions or help, please submit a support request to the Travel team.

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