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Book Multi-Person Travel Using Key Travel

Key Travel is a Stanford Travel booking solution for those who need to arrange travel for multiple individuals traveling together. Our Key Travel designated support team can book up to nine individuals on a single airline reservation while the online booking tool supports booking up to four travelers on a single reservation. Booking together will limit the risk of being seated separately on the aircraft or being separated in the event of any flight disruptions, and can extend applicable loyalty benefits,  such as preferred seating and priority boarding, to accompanying travelers.

Groups of 10 or more (traveling to the same destination) are not required to book via the Stanford Travel booking channels. If you would like guidance on how to book your group please submit the Group or Program Travel Request form.

Book Multi-Person Travel Using Key Travel

Please ensure you have the personal details for all travelers who do not have a current Key Travel profile (all faculty, staff and students will already have a profile). You will need:

  • Name as it appears on their government issued ID
  • Passport number if applicable
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Email and phone contacts
  • Airline frequent flyer details, if applicable 

  1. Log in to your Key Travel profile. All faculty, staff and students will have a profile. If you are unable to log in, please submit a Get Assistance with a Travel Profile Support Request. 
  2. Navigate to Book Online
Book Multi-Person Travel in Key Travel top

You are now on the Stanford online booking landing page. Here you will find details on policy as well as helpful resources to guide you through the booking process. 

  1. Please review this important information carefully
  2. When done, click Continue at the bottom of the Stanford landing page

  1. Select the number of travelers who will be traveling together (default is 1)
  2. Enter other flight search information and filters
  3. Select find flights
Book Multi-Person Travel 2


  1. Review flight results
  2. Select add to basket for your choice of flight
Book Multi-Person Travel - select flights
  1. Optionally, add a hotel, add a car, or add a flight 
  2. Select from the following options, save quote, send quote, book or hold 
    1. Select book or hold to continue with travel reservation
Book Multi-Person Travel 2.ddd

  1. Select Traveler 
    1. If Stanford faculty, staff or student, Search for traveler profile (enter Stanford email address for best results)
    2. If guest or companion, Add traveler details manually 
    3. If booking for yourself, select I am traveling
Book Multi-Person Key Traveller details

If adding traveler details manually, for privacy and security purposes, DO NOT add the traveler to your traveler's list

Add this traveller to your travellers' list

  1. Complete payment information and payment details
  2. Select confirm
What Happens Next?

If you need booking support from Key Travel, or have questions regarding your Key Travel profile, please contact the Key Travel support team:

Key Travel Contact Information

  • Email at @email  
  • Phone at 1-646-289-6816
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2024