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Review and Approve Journal Entries

This page provides instructions for reviewing, approving or rejecting expense journals created in iJournals.

Review and Approve Journal Entries

Notifications are sent to designated approvers alerting them that a transaction requires review and approval. You will need a SUNet ID and password and have Expense Journal Approval authority granted in Authority Manager. Refer to Topic Overview: Financial Transaction Approval.

Follow Proper Use of Funds guidance and utilize the Cost Transfer Approval Checklist to ensure compliance with university policies.

  1. Enter in the browser
  2. Click Login
  3. As prompted, log in using SUNet ID and password

  1. Go to your Worklist
  2. Find your notification (sort the Type column, if necessary)
    Notifications can also be received via email. The notification contains a link to the Notifications Worklist.

  1. To view the journal details, select the hyperlink in the Subject column for the desired journal
    For multiple journals, you may select multiple checkboxes and select Open.
  2. Examine the Journal Display for accuracy
  3. View attachments (if any)
    If there are attachments associated with a journal, the following message will appear at the bottom of the iJournal Line Details section of the Notification:
    "If you want to view the attachment to this journal, click here."

Approvers do not have the option of modifying the journal. If an approver finds anything wrong with a journal, they must reject the journal in order to return it to the originator for modification and re-routing.

  1. Select Approve if the journal is correct, or enter an explanation in the Note box at the bottom of the notification
  2. Select Reject to return the journal to the originator for correction

  1. If you have additional journals to approve, repeat Steps 2 and 3
  2. Select Logout at the top if finished
What Happens Next?
  • After the final approval, the iJournals system validates the journal a final time to ensure nothing has changed (e.g., PTA segment closed) since the transaction was submitted.
  • If the journal is valid, it will post to the General Ledger. If it is not valid, the system rejects the journal and sends a notice to the originator, with copies to approvers and/or FYI recipients. The originator must update the journal and resubmit.
Last Updated: Apr 29, 2022


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