Identify who has authority to run Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) financial reporting and who has authority to grant that authority for a particular scope (including organization, PTA and subject area).

  • Learn the four-letter org code of the owning organization or its parent hierarchy lineage.
  • Be familiar with the OBI authority model so you can identify the people who have that authority. Refer to OBI Financial Reporting Authority Model for more information.
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your SUNet ID and password
  3. Select Oracle BI Authority Reports under Reportsor select the OBI Authority Reports Dashboard
  1. Enter search criteria for the View Authority for All People Within an Organization report view
    • Select Organization from the drop-down list
    • Select Enterprise Reporting from the System drop-down list
    • Select Financial Reporting from the Business Function drop-down list
    • Select the desired Privilege from the drop-down list. Options include:
Privilege Capability
Report Viewer
  • View static or interactive reports delivered via OBI report catalogs and dashboards
  • Perform analysis through interactive reports using drill-down and drill-across functionality
Intermediate Ad Hoc User
  • Create analyses for yourself (non-publishers)
  • Share analyses with other ad hoc users
  • Share analyses with information views (non ad hoc users) via export to Excel, PDF or PPT
Advanced Ad Hoc User
  • Create analyses and publish in OBI for use campus-wide (publishers)

Note: Currently reserved for the central OBI Financial Reporting team.

  1. Select Apply to display results
    • Select Reset or Clear My Selections to initiate a new search
    Persons with grantable authority are indicated with Yes in the Grantable column.


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