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Funds Functioning as Endowment – Merged Pool Tracking Tool

The Funds Functioning as Endowment – Merged Pool Tracking Tool (FFE - MP Tracking Tool) is a self-service application within Oracle Financials that helps you manage your Funds Functioning as Endowment (FFE) awards with an easy-to-use interface and accurate, always available data.

The FFE – MP Tracking Tool reports the aging and value of your FFE awards, allowing you to best manage these funds within the FFE policy adopted by Stanford's Board of Trustees in June 2016.

The FFE policy stipulates:

  • FFE funds cannot be withdrawn from the Merged Pool for a period of 7 years after initial investment.
  • After the 7-year lock-up period, the annual redemption limit is greater than 10 percent of the market value or $5,000,000.

The FFE – MP Tracking tool displays the following information on an individual award basis:

  • Total market value of the award
  • Summary of amounts available for withdrawal by period, including annual redemption limits per the new FFE Policy
  • Detailed aging schedule showing new investments and withdrawals in a given period, starting from AUG-2011

The tool includes the ability to export the detailed aging schedule to Excel.

Visit the Newsroom for recent announcements and subscribe to receive future FFE - MP Tracking Tool updates and enhancements.

Authority to use the FFE – MP Tracking Tool is automatically granted to budget officers in units that have FFE funds to manage. Budget officers can then grant authority to appropriate personnel within their units in Authority Manager as follows:

  • Financial System > General Ledger – Stanford Univ Set of Books > SU FFE-MP Tracking Tool
  • AND Financial System > Shared Applications & Non-OBI Reporting > Non-Salary View (Award) OR Salary View (Award)

Contact your assigned Fund Accountant in Stanford's Controller's Office for assistance.

With the proper authority, you can access the FFE – MP Tracking Tool by logging into Oracle Financials (ofweb) and selecting SU FFE-MP Tracking Tool from the Oracle home page.

Using the FFE – MP Tracking Tool

Once in the tool, search for your award:

  1. Enter first three letters of award
  2. Select your award from the drop-down menu
    • The tool then displays current FFE award information

For information about revenue and fund management reporting, including detail on fund statement, journals, transfers, fund trend, trial balance, fund variance, budget variance, budget transaction, endowment and pledge, use:

For information about OBI, refer to OBI Financial Reporting.

Last Updated: Dec 17, 2021


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